Ask Me Why

10" Presto Records "Ask Me Why" dated Nov. 26, 1962

This unusual acetate was auctioned in early 2004 and the only info provided is noted above. This disc was obviously made for E.M.I. and is the second earliest acetate for the company ("Love Me Do" being the earliest). Also, note the "BEATTLES" intication. This is also the only disc I've seen on the Presto label.

The "Nov. 26, 1962" date would seem to indicate that this is from that date and taken from the released version (take 6) of the song however, I can see other possible scenerios based on the undetermined purpose of the date indication on the disc.

1. Could this be the 6 June recording and used as reference for the 26 November session? This is the most intriguing but also most unlikely scenerio.

2. Since final mixing didn't occur until two and three months later, is this an undocumented mix dating from 26 November which was used for one of the 1963 mixing sessions?


6 June 1962
E47052 A 2T
Ask Me Why (4.)
This is their original E.M.I. session
The tape no longer exists.

26 November 1962
E48382 A 2T
Ask Me Why
Barrett gives no take number indication.

12 January 1963
TL14207 S
Ask Me Why (7XCE 17218)

25 February 1963
E48979 A 2T
Ask Me Why (TK7) M
The "TK 7" indication probably means simply the stereo mix of take 6.