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STUDIO - HOME        
Wild Cat Madman 13-14  2 CD x
The Quarrymen At Home Chapter One CO 25190    
The Braun-Kircherr Tapes Batz 0197-0198 2 CD x
Alf Together Now Spank SP-148    
STUDIO SESSIONS 1962 - 1966        
The Early Years, 1962, Decca Tapes Revised, Right Speed Yellow Dog YDB 101   x
The Silver Beatles, The Original Decca Tapes & Cavern Club Rehearsals Yellow Dog YD 011    
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1 (1962-1963) Yellow Dog YD 001    
March 5, 1963 plus The Decca Tape Vigotone VT-123    
Studio Sessions, Feb. 11, 1963 Yellow Dog YDB 202   x
Studio Sessions Tobe Milo no matrix   x
Studio Sessions, March 5, Sept. 12, 1963 Yellow Dog YDB 203   x
Studio Sessions 1964 Yellow Dog YDB 302   x
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2 (1964-1965) Yellow Dog YD 002    
Studio Sessions 1965-1966 Yellow Dog YDB 303   x
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3 (1966-1967) Yellow Dog YD 003    
Songs For Eleanor Silent Sea ss035-36 2 CD x
Soul Sessions Silent Sea ss032-33 2 CD x
Revolving Silent Sea ss023-24 2 CD x
STUDIO SESSIONS 1966 - 1967        
It's Not Too Bad: The Evolution Of Strawberry Fields Peg Boy 1008 2 CD  
Pepperland Silent Sea ss007-08 2 CD x
Secret Songs In Pepperland Masterdisc MDCD 006    
The Lost Pepperland Reel Vigotone VIGO-132    
Magical Mystery Demos Chapter One CO 25197   x
Magical Mystery Boy Silent Sea ss067-068 2 CD x
STUDIO SESSIONS 1968        
From Kinfauns To Chaos Vigotone VT-183/184 2 CD  
The 1968 Demos Vigotone VT-100    
Revolution Vigotone VT-117    
Down In Havana Secret Trax ST 200019    
The White Sessions Secret Trax ST 99008-1/2/3/4    
What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party Apples 1002   x
Peter Sellers Tape Masterdisc MDCD 001    
STUDIO SESSIONS 1969 Get Back Session Nagra reels        
The Get Back Journals Vigotone VIGO 101-108 8 CD  
The Get Back Journals II Vigotone Vigo 138-145 8 CD  
The Twickenham Sessions Yellow Dog YDT 001.1-004.2 8 CD x
Get Back Camera B Rolls Vols. 13-15 Unicorn UC 122-127 6 CD x
Thirty Days Vigotone VT 218-234 17 CD  
Day By Day Vols. 1-32 Yellow Dog YDD 001-0064 64 CD x
The 1st Recorded Hour Of The Let It Be Sessions Yellow Dog YDB 104   x
The 2nd Recorded Hour Of The Let It Be Sessions Yellow Dog YDB 204   x
The 3rd Recorded Hour Of The Let It Be Sessions Yellow Dog YDB 304   x
A-Cam + B-Cam Stereo At Twickenham Yellow Dog YD 079   x
Rockin' Movie Stars Vol. 3 Orange 7    
69 Rehearsals Vol. 1 Blue Kangaroo BK 6901    
Corn Of The Apple Cosmic Thrills CT 50010   x
Jamming With Heather Because BECD 001    
Hail, Hail Rock And Roll Octopuss OCT 001   x
All Things Must Pass (Pt. 1: Electric) Yellow Dog YD 016    
All Things Must Pass (Pt. 2 Acoustic) Yellow Dog YD 053    
The "Let It Be" Rehearsals Vol. 4: Rock And Roll Yellow Dog YD 054    
Leaning On A Lamppost Yellow Dog YD 067   x
The Complete 2CD Rooftop Concert Yelow Dog YD 072/073 2 CD  
STUDIO SESSIONS 1969 Get Back Session soundboard        
Celluloid Rock Yellow Dog YD 006    
Get Back John Barrett's Reel no label JB-03001    
The WBCN Get Back Reference Acetate Yellow Dog YD 035    
Posters, Incense and Strobe Candles Vigotone VIGO 109    
Get Back fake Apple PCS 7080    
Get Back 2nd Mix Strawberry STR 006    
Get Back The Glyn Johns Final Compilation Vigotone VT-182    
STUDIO SESSIONS 1969 Abbey Road        
No. 3 Abbey Road N.W.8 Vigotone VT-116    
The Abbey Road Companion Invasion Unlimited IU 9420-1    
The Alternate Abbey Road Walrus W 012   x
The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection Vigotone VT-172/3 2 CD  
Come Together (The Beatles In The '90s) Fab FAB 3    
U.S. Singles Collection (with upgraded Vol. 3) Dr. Ebbetts DRC 04501 - 04503 3 CD  
Help! (MFSL U.K. stereo) Dr. Ebbetts MFSL-1-105    
Rubber Soul (MFSL U.K. stereo) Dr. Ebbetts MFSL-1-106    
Sgt. Pepper (U.K. mono) Dr. Ebbetts PMC 7020    
White Album (U.K. mono) Dr. Ebbetts PMC 7067-68 2 CD  
The Capitol Versions: The Beatles (white album) mono Beat CD 012-2 2 CD  
Rubber Soul / Yesterday... and Today no label no matrix    
The Complete BBC Sessions Great Dane GDR 9326/1-10 10 CD  
The Complete BBC Sessions: Upgraded For 2004 Purple Chick PC 71-80 10 CD x
Attack Of The Filler Beebs Silent Sea SS001-003 3 CD x
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6 Yellow Dog YD 012    
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7 Yellow Dog YD 013    
Fanthology Yellow Dog YD 068-69 2 CD x
Miscellaneous Tracks Yellow Dog YDB 103   x
Control Room Monitor Mixes Yellow Dog YD 032    
Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes Yellow Dog YD 083-86 4 CD x
Acetates Yellow Dog YD 009    
The Quarry Men & The Beatles Puttin' On The Style Black Dog BD 009   x
Hodge Podge Vol. 1 Black Dog BD 001    
Hodge Podge Vol. 2 Black Dog BD 007   x
Hodge Podge Vol. 3 Black Dog BD 010   x
Hodge Podge Vol. 4 Black Dog BD 011   x
Mythology Vol. 2 1963 (Disc 1) Strawberry STR 009   x
Mythology Vol. 1 1963-1964 (Disc 3) Strawberry STR 010   x
Mythology Vol. 2 1966 (Disc 4) Strawberry STR 014   x
Abbey Road Video Show Strawberry STR 020    
Arrive Without Aging Vigotone VT-6869   x
Another Sessions…Plus Vigotone VT-180    
Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes Vigotone VT-178/179 2 CD  
Sessions Spank SP-103    
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 4 The Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-026    
Casualties fake Capitol/Apple DPRO-79967   x
Acetates Collection Hen 16    
Vinyl To The Core Vols. 1-3 internet no matrix 3 CD x
5.1 Degrees Of Seperation Blue Meanie no matrix 2 CD x
Upgraded Collection - Highlights Fool On Hog Hill CDH001   x
Magical Mystery Mixes 3 TJT Productions TJT-003   x
missing 2 songs (3 & 4 Fool On The Hill x2)        
Ultra Rare Trax Vols. 1/2 (core track compilation) 7 trax Swinging Pig TSP-CD-001   x
Get Back Studio Trax - 38 trax     2 CD x
A compilation of 'Get Back' session master tapes (similar to "Get Back Glynnis')        
Home Recordings       x
A compilation of various home recordings - 28 trax        
After       x
A compilation of post-Beatles Beatle recordings - 11 trax        
Come Together… A Live Fantasy     2 CD x
A compilation of the ultimate Beatles fantasy concert - 36 trax        
Sour Milk Sea       x
A compilation of unique mixes and edits that I've prepared        
The Ultimate Acetate Collection     4 CD x
A complete compilation of available acetates        
The Star Club Secret Trax ST 201030-1/2 2 CD x
Live / At The Star Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962 Jimoo Inc. 38CP-44   x
Stars Of '63 The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-006   x
Ultimate Live Masters Secret Trax ST 200020   x
Live In The United Kingdom 1962-1965 no label no matrix 2 CD x
The Ed Sullivan Shows Yellow Dog YD 062   x
First U.S. Concert Dr. Ebbetts TAO 0264    
In Case You Didn't Know Spank SP-110    
Hollywood Bowl Complete Yellow Dog YD 034    
The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts Repro-Man RPM 101+102 2 CD x
All The Best From Austrailia Hawg Leg HL 118    
Palais Des Sports, Paris June 20, 1965 Bulldog BGCD-005    
Die Beatles In Deutschland 1966! Invasion Unlimited IU 9647-1   x
Live In Japan Walrus 32    
Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 1 Mastertone Media Limited JG 001-2    
Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 2 Mastertone Media Limited JG 002-2    
Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 3 Mastertone Media Limited JG 003-2    
Turn Me On Dead Man (the Paul McCartney death rumors) no label no matrix   x
CD-ROMS / MP3s        
The Complete Get Back Sessions fake Apple no matrix 2 CD  
The Ultimate Experience no label no matrix 8 CD x
The Beatles Definitive Information Source For Beatles Recordings no label no matrix    
Complete Concert Collection no label no matrix    
Imagine…All The Outtakes Vigotone VT 118-120 3 CD  
Imagine…More Session Tapes Vigotone VT 185/186 2 CD  
Compositions Vigotone VT-191    
Something Precious and Rare Vigotone VT - CD 07    
Imagine: The Alternate Album Sidewalk Music SW 89009    
A Toot And A Snore in '74 Mistral MM 9225    
Lennon Renumbers Bell Bottom 22    
Free As A Bird: The Dakota Beatle Demos Peg Boy 1001    
I Found Out Luna LU 9424    
Jealous Guy - The Imagine Sessions Luna LU 9308    
Yer Blues Library Product 2329    
The Fillmore Tapes Master Of Orange MOO-00002A 2 CD x
Filming The Fantasies Voxx VOXX 0009-01    
Acetates & Alternate Mixes Unicorn UC-083    
After The Remember Masterdisc mfcd 008/009 2 CD x
Over Walls, Under Bridges no label JL02   x
Made In England (Elton John) Mercury 856 893 - 2    
John Lennon Forever (audiio book) Laserlight 12 593    
Lost Lennon Tapes CD-ROM no label no matrix 3 CD  
The Alternate Plastic Ono Band Ghost CD 53-40    
Live At The Cavern Club no label no matrix   x
Backyard plus Yellow Cat YC 029   x
Cold Cuts Peg Boy 1002    
The Lost McCartney II Album Birthday BR 041/042 2 CD x
Concert For NYC no label no matrix   x
Washington DC 4-24-02 no label no matrix   x
Howard Stern no label no matrix   x
Madrid, Spain May 30, 2004 no label no matrix 2 CD x
All My Trials (includes live Liverpool Lennon tribute) Parlophone CDRX 6278    
Beware Of Abkco Strawberry STR 001    
Songs For Patti: The Master Tape Version Strawberry STR 004   x
All Things Must Pass: The Apple Acetates Strawberry STR 024/025 2 CD x
Through Many Years Vigotone VT-181    
The Making Of All Things Must Pass Repro-Man 103-104-105 3 CD x
All Things Must Surface Repro-Man RPM 107-108 2 CD x
Acetates And Alternates Roaring Mouse (fake Capital) DPRO - 79962   x
Acetates And Alternates II Roaring Mouse (fake Capital) DPRO - 79968   x
12 Arnold Grove Peg Boy 1007   x
Pirate Songs Vigotone VIGO 146   x
A True Legend Strawberry STR 007   x
The Hari-Spector Show Strawberry STR 022   x
Hari's On Tour Golden Memories GM 897401    
Travelin' Wilbury's Vol 4 1/2 no label no matrix   x
With A Little Help From John, Paul & George Mistral Music MM 9335    
As Time Goes By 1976-1980 (from Artifacts III) Big Music BIG 4035