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The Quarrymen At Home unknown BAH
Liverpool May 1960 Indra M5-6001
#3 Abbey Road NW8 NW8 AR-69
AcrossThe Universe (45) Tobe Milo P-1969
Collectors' Items fake Capitol SPRO-9462
File Under The Beatles Gnat GN700575-1
Not For Sale Nems MOP 910
Nothing Is Real Nems BUD 280
Return To Abbey road fake Apple? NW8
Revolution / How Do You Do It (45) Strawberry Fields Forever SFF/SOK 21
Sessions fake EMI/Parlophone 064 2402701
Strawberry Fields Forever Nems CLUE 9
The Decca Tapes Circuit LK4438-1
The John Lennon Chronicles Pt. 1: The Beatle Years Toasted TRW 1940
The Savage Young Beatles Savage BM69
Ultra Rare Tracks 1-2 Drexel L 31057 BEAT 123
Ultra Rare Tracks 3-6 Beeb Transcription/The Swinging Pig TR 2190/91-S
Bye Bye Love Tiger Beat TBR/LP 4
Codename: Russia Core 8896
Get Back To Toronto I.P.F. 111
Get Gack With Don't Let Me Down And 9 Other Songs Blackbird PCS 7080
Get Gack With Let It Be And 11 Other Songs Tonto/fake Apple TO 643
I Had A Dream King LTD. MLK 001
Kum Back no label KB 10
Sweet Apple Tracks Newsound NR 909-1
The Get Back Journals Trademark Of Quality 2R-75-79
The Real Case Has Just Begun Core Ltd. RAS 5611-1
The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest #6 The Amazing Korny Phone Record Label 1995
Twickenham Jams Smilin' Ears SE 7702
Watching Rainbows (EP) no label 77132-3M
Watching Rainbows Audifon L-7
Broadcasts Circuit LK4450
From Us To You: A Parlaphone Rehearsal Session Ruthless Rhymes/Audifon? LMW-28if
The Beatles At The Beeb London Wavelength no matrix
The Beatles At The Beeb Vols. 1-13 Beeb Transcription BB-2172/S-2184/S
The Beatles At The Beeb with Pete Best Drexel BEEB-6263
The Lost Beebs Tiger Beat TBR/LP-2
20X4 JPGR Remime POM 1 VC-5281
Classified Document Vol. 3 Tiger Beat TBR/LP 4
Dig It Nems FAB-1234
Happy Birthday Wizardo 345
Indian Rope Trick Beat 1
Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 9 Bag 5081
Rough Notes Pod L-2408
The EMI Outakes The Amazing Korny Phone Record Label 1374
The New 21 Melvin MM06
The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest #7 The Amazing Korny Phone Record Label TAKRL 1998
Live! At The Star Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962 Bellaphon / Lingasong BLS 5560
Live! At The Star Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962 Lingasong LS-2-7001
Historic Sessions AFE AFELD 1018
1st Live Recordings Pickwick SPC-3661
The Beatles Vs. The Third Reich VE DX62
Johnny And The Moondogs: Silver Days Warwick M16051
By Royal Command (EP) Vewy Queen Wecords 1108
Youngblood Ruthless Rhymes/Audifon BVP 005
1st U.S. Concert White Night WK 20
Beatles Conquer America Nems SHU 6465
Renaissance Minstrals Vol. 1 K.O. 401
Shea! Oz 1310
Five Nights In A Judo Arena: On Stage In Japan Di Weintraub 426
Beatle Talk With Red Robinson The Great Northwest Company GNW 4007
The David Wigg Tapes Polydor 2683 068
A Guitar's Alright John But You'll Never Earn A Living By It Audifon A-17-597-321
John Lennon Sings The Great Rock & Roll Hits (Roots) Adam VIII, Ltd. A8018
Let's Have A Party Repro TBR LP-7
Lost Lennon Tapes Vols. 1,2,6,8,9 Bag 5073, 74, 78, 80, 81
Yin Yang Bag 5071
British Blue Jam (Rolling Stones) Contraband CBM 3426
Telecasts Trademark Of Quality JL517
James Paul McCartney Club Sandwich JPM41673
The Concert For The People Of Kampuchea Atlantic SD 2-7005