That'll Be The Day

In Spite Of All the Danger (3:25 edit) DOWNLOAD
Recorded in the summer of 1958, this disc, a 10" 78 rpm Phillips Sound Studio shellac is, of course, THE acetate! I mean, it really has everythimg on it's side - the only one in existence, the earliest recordings of The Beatles as a unit, the only composition ever credited to McCartney-Harrison and all in reasonable quality. For a full description and illustrations, see - here

NOTE: "In Spite Of All The Danger" has been edited to represent it's actual length. It is NOT taken from one of the replicas of this disc which allegedly contain the full version.
The full version is otherwise unavailable. This edit was determined based on information presented in John Winn's book
Way Beyond Compare and discussion on Yahoo's Beatleg Group. "That'll Be The Day" is NOT featured here because it is readily available on
"Anthology 1" (buy the album) but it should, certainly, be included in any comprehensive Beatles acetate collection.