Transmissions from the past (a third "Get Back" acetate broadcast)

I j
ust wanted to share something of mine with the Beatleg community.
As far as I know, these recordings are not in circulation.
Please excuse my "Growing Up With The Beatles" indulgence.

This recording is a compilation of off-line radio recordings I personally made
December 1969. The radio station is CKLW-800 AM Windsor/Detroit.
December 1969 (and possibly late November), CKLW was playing
"Let It
Be" from the "Get Back" acetate. This would document the third
broadcast (as far as I'm aware) of Glyn Johns' first mix. However,
there is no indication if this is the acetate or a tape copy of it
and "Let It Be" was the only track that was played.

Let's step back in time nearly 25 years...

CKLW began playing this 'unreleased' Beatles' song. A certain 12 year
old boy (me) was quite excited about this and anxiously waited by his
vintage 1950s Zenith AM radio along with his trusty 3" reel to reel recorder
at the
ready. The boy managed to record four separate broadcasts of the
with only one being (nearly) complete. Each broadcast featured
different, brief DJ comments about the song and the "Get Back" album.

>The radio<

CKLW held a contest called "Christmas Wish". Reference to this is
heard on the recording. Listeners were invited to send in their
'Christmas Wish' and periodically, a wish was drawn at random
and granted. This helps verify the time frame.

>December 1969 with my trusty reel to reel recorder, "The Wedding Album",
my first electric guitar (a Silvertone) and a headful of rock & roll dreams<

As the boy waited for the next play of "Let It Be", he also recorded
a commercial for John & Yoko's "Wedding Album" as well as a news
report about John's visit to Toronto on December 17, 1969.
The first part of the report is missing (never recorded) but my
memory is that the beginning of the
report described it as "today".

>I was quite proud of my Beatles (and Rolling Stones) albums<

The recordings were transferred to cassette in 1970. The reels no
longer exist but the original cassette still exists and is actually
THE oldest
cassette I have in my collection. I have periodically
and fondly listened to it over the years. While there is nothing
about it, I thought those of you here might find it to be
interesting listen. As I mentioned, the recording is off-line. But,
to me, that helps add to its vintage. Like transmissions from a lost
time. Essentially, the end of an era. It was the eve of a new decade
and all things Beatles would never be the same again.

NOTE: For those of you who have read - this - page, this is also the
tape for my 1971 recording of "Fight For My Country".

>The cassettes<

Note: all the segments are arranged chronologically.
also narrows down the time when "Let It Be" was broadcast.

0:00 - This is the end of a broadcast. The recording was cut short as
the DJ says "...from their Get Ba.."

0:07 - This is the only (nearly) complete recording. The 'glitch' at
the beginning is in real time with the broadcast (I guess that's what
you'd call it). I had shut off the recorder prematurely and missed
the first few seconds of the song. This is the January 26, 1969
performance [DDSI 26.74].

3:46 - The tag of another broadcast edited in.

3:53 - John & Yoko "Wedding Album" commercial

4:41 - December 17 (18?) news report about John's visit to Toronto.

This piece and the previous commercial are incomplete at the beginning due
to me not getting to the recorder in enough time. But only a few seconds are missing.

Hope you all enjoy it,