recording notes


August 1969
(NOTE: John Winn gives a possible date of 24 August)

Cold Turkey (demos)
The sequencing of Demos 2 and 3 is merely the way most listings present them.
It does not indicate the true chronological order. However, this sequence does seem likely.

Demo 1
This is a fantastic home recording with two acoustic guitars and vocals.
WHY was this not on the "Lennon Anthology"?!

Demo 2
This is Demo 1 with additional vocal and guitar overdubs

Demo 3
Again, Demo 1 with additional overdubs. This time with Yoko vocalization.


28 September - 5 October 1969

John Lennon - vocal and guitar
Eric Clapton - guitar
Klaus Voormann - bass
Ringo Starr - drums
Yoko Ono - vocal

Cold Turkey #1
Recorded 28 September 1969 at Trident Studios .
Mixed 29 September 1969 at E.M.I. Studios.
This is an alternate take (?) from a 12" one-sided acetate sold at Sotheby's in June 1985.
Taken from "After The Remember".

Cold Turkey #2
Recorded 28 September 1969 at Trident Studios and 5 October 1969 at E.M.I. Studios.
Mixed 5 October 1969 at E.M.I. Studios.
This is an alternate mix (?) from a 7" Apple acetate.
Taken from "Acetates And Alternates".

Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow)
Recorded 3 October 1969 at Lansdowne Studios, London.
Mixed 5 October 1969 at E.M.I. Studios.
This is an alternate mix (?) from the same 7" Apple acetate as "Cold Turkey" above.
Taken from "Acetates And Alternates".


26 November 1969

What's The New Mary Jane
Recorded and mixed at E.M.I. Studios.
The acetate was cut, probably at a later date, by Cutting Room Inc.

RS4 "Original Master"
This is a remix of of take 4 from the master multi-tracks that were recorded on 14 August 1968
This, according to Lewisohn, also features George Harrison.

RS5 "Complete Overdub"
This is a mix that included RS4 along with live, simultaneous overdubs.
Also featured on the recording are a group of friends probably including Mal Evans and studio staff.
RS4 and RS5 are taken from "Vinyl To The Core" which features an excellent application of noise reduction.

RS6 "Edit-Version"
This is a mix that was done by playing both RS4 and RS5 simultaneously.
It doesn't appear as though they are trying to syncronize the mixes. So the purpose of this exercise is unknown.
This is taken from "Acetates Collection".

RS4 edited
This and the following track originate from a 7" Apple acetate. See a full description - here
These mixes were intended for release 5 December 1969 as The Plastic Ono Band's follow up to "Cold Turkey"
with catalog number Apples 1002 but the project was scrapped.
These two recordings are taken from "What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party".

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
This is take 30 RM4 edited.
RM4 is a tape copy of RM3 mixed 30 April 1969.
This is the same mix/edit as released on the B-side of the "Let It Be" single.
This seems to sound a bit different or better. This could be because it is probably a closer generation to the master

4 December 1969

Item 1
Intended for John & Yoko's avant-garde "freak" album, this is an excerpt of a much longer recording recorded and mixed at E.M.I. Studio.
Also featured on the recording are Mal Evans, Anthony Fawcett, Geoff Emerick,
Phil McDonald, Malcolm Davies, Eddie Klein and various others.
A BBC film crew also documented this session for the show "24 Hours".
This originates from an acetate, owned by Mal Evans, that was auctioned at Sotheby's in August 1992.
Another piece titled "Item 2" ("Whisper Piece"), also recorded on this date,
apparently exists (perhaps the B-side of the acetate) but it's unavailable.
This recording is taken from "After the Remember" (where it's titled "Laugh").


December 1969

For a couple December 1969, CKLW radio Windsor/Detroit airchecks which feature late 1969 Lennon activities, see - here
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