Kenny Everett Interview
(with Tony Olivestone)
6 June 1968
E.M.I. Studio 2
During the "Don't Pass Me By" session.

The following three recordings appear to be from three seperate acetates.
While the recording content is the same, the surface noise is different on each track.
This could be result of a single acetate aging but, it leads me to believe they might originate from seperate acetates.

Unless you are a completist, you really need only one of the following recordings.
The most complete and best quality one is from "Acetates Collection".

From "Attack Of The Filler Beebs Vol. 3"
Contrary to John Winn's book, "That Magic Feeling", this is not complete.
It omits about 11 seconds at the end of the interview, just before the 'jam'.
It's quite possible that this recording is sourced from some older vinyl bootleg such as "Twickenham Jams".
A fact which could account for some of the difference in surface noise.

From "Acetates Collection"
I would assume this is direct from acetate (or a tape copy of one) and not from a vinyl bootleg.
Again, this is not exactly complete. It omits about 1/2 second of the beginning (two guitar notes).
NOTE: the missing 1/2 second has been edited in from the acetate detailed above.

From the acetate featured - here
This is VERY low kbps. It was offered by the seller as a test listen.
This IS complete. However, the sound quality is deficient.