Set 1

This set has been commonly referenced by various
sources as being sourced from the set of acetates seen - here.
However, these recordings are not from those acetates.
Those acetates were cut later than the recordings found here.
According to the owner of the set illustrated here, those acetates
feature the commercially released mixes (with the exception of one
track) in an alternate sequence as listed by Chip Madinger, in
Eight Arms To Hold You, . That set currently resides in the U.S.

The set heard here is an earlier set of reference acetates and appears
to be the earliest mixing attempts. These acetates are currently in Europe
and don't feature any labels.

Available copies of these recordings also include sides 5 and 6 ("Apple Jam").
While "Apple Jam" might or might not be sourced from an acetate,
it is identical to the released version and it isn't featured here. Actually,
I have a theory that sides 5 and 6 don't actually go with this set. Or at least,
they weren't made at the same time. The tracks heard on sides 5 and 6
have a different production quality than the rest of the set. Where as the two
early mixes of "Plug Me In" (RS1 and RS2) feature the same type of intro and
sound as the rest of the set which would lead me to believe that it belongs with this set.

Note, too, that the "I'd Have You Anytime (RS1)" snippet at the end of the fourth side
seems to be that way on the original acetate and doesn't seem to be something done
by the bootlegger.

These tracks are sourced from All Things Must Pass - The Apple Acetates (Strawberry)
which features some re-equalization and good use of noise reduction. They can also
be found on All Things Must Pass - Apple Acetate (Unicorn) and, without noise
reduction, All Things Must Surface (Repro Man).

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