The story of these recordings is generally well known so I won't get in to details. But, for those of you who don't know, these recordings were made during The Beatles' drummerless periods before and after their May 1960 Scotland tour as backing band for Johnny Gentle. These are the only known recordings to feature Stuart Sutcliff.

The recordings have been available since 1987 on a variety of bootleg releases as well as a few tracks on "Anthology 1". The two most comprehensive releases are "Wildcat" (Madman Records) and "The Braun-Kircherr Tapes" (Batz Records).

What is often not known is that five of the instrumental jams have been artificially extended by the bootleggers on all releases and the song tentively titled "Well, Darling" is faded about half way early on all releases except "The Braun-Kircherr Tapes".

Presented here are the five instrumentals re-edited to their actual length along with "Well, Darling" complete. The actual timings, edit points and titles are per information provided in John Winn's excellent book "Way Beyond Compare". Also, some of these have been speed corrected. All the tracks are sourced from "Wildcat" except "Well, Darling" which is sourced from "The Braun-Kircherr Tapes".

circa April 1960

Instrumental #1 (5:33)
originally 7:45
edit at 5:07

Instrumental #2 (6:38)
originally 11:10
edit at 5:24

Instrumental #3 (3:00)
originally 4:58
edit at 2:47

Well, Darling (5:03)

circa July 1960

Instrumental #1 (7:15)
originally 11:50
edit at 5:48

Instrumental #2 (10:07)
originally 17:50
edit at 8:24
See a graphical explanation of my re-editing process - here

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