The 1962 Cavern Rehearsal Tape

On about 15 August 1962, The Beatles asked Ringo Starr to join the band. His first performance with the band was 18 August 1962 at The Horticultural Society Dance at Hulme Hall on Bolton Rd., Port Sunlight in Birkenhead, Cheshire. In honor of the moment which the real Beatles began and as a prelude to my forthcoming new website, "The Savage Young Beatles", I present this fall 1962 Cavern Club rehearsal tape.

This recording probably dates from late September - early October 1962. It can be assumed that it was recorded for reference purposes by The Beatles themselves. How the tape came in to circulation is unclear. Likewise, while it is likely that the original tape contains or contained more, these performances are the only ones to surface. The copies presented here are sourced from "The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 - disc 1". As noted by Doug Sulpy and John Winn, a couple of the tracks feature early fades. The full recordings, without fades, can be heard on an early Japanese CD titled "The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962", albeit in lesser quality. (Sorry, I don't have that disc)

The Photos:

The photo on the previous page was taken the morning of 22 August 1962 as The Beatles rehearsed for the Granada TV filming at the lunchtime show.

The photo on this page was taken sometime in January 1963. Note the Grundig recorder shown at the bottom of the photo. It would seem likely that this machine made the rehearsal recordings. It also provokes dreams that other recordings might exist.

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