E.M.I. Reel E52399 Complete
16 April 1964


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NOTE: The clicks at the start of some tracks are on the master tape.
They are not errors in the files.
(right click "save target as")

A Hard Day's Night (take 1)

A Hard Day's Night (takes 2-4)

A Hard Day's Night (take 5)
(miscalled as take 4)

A Hard Day's Night (take 6)

A Hard Day's Night (take 7)

A Hard Day's Night (takes 8-9)

A Hard Day's Night (take 9)
(alternate stereo mix)

All tracks sourced from
The Ultimate Collection Vol. 3: Studio Sessions 1964 (Yellow Dog) except where noted. The Yellow Dog release is short at both ends and omits takes 2-3.

Take 1 has the first 21 seconds edited from Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes Vol. 2 (Yellow Dog).
Take 1 can also be heard on Anthology 1 in a mono mix with added reverb.

Takes 2-3 and the count-in for take 4 sourced from The Abbey Road Video Show (Strawberry)

Take 9 has the last 25 seconds edited from the standard stereo mix (RS1) folded to mono

The take 9 alternate stereo mix is sourced from
The Abbey Road Video Show. I might be missing something but no one seems to reference this as an alternate mix. Doug Sulpy mentions its appearance from this source but doesn't acknowledge the mix. John Winn describes an alternate mix but his description does not fit this mix. And this is not the standard RS1 mix.