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5 MARCH 1963

While their first album, Please Please Me, was being prepared for release in a couple of weeks, The Beatles again entered the Abbey Road studios to record their third single. Slated for this afternoon session were two Lennon and McCartney originals, "From Me To You", a song written only five days prior while The Beatles were on tour with Helen Shapiro, and "Thank You Girl". Once recording for the new single was out of the way, some remaining studio time was left in the evening session. The Beatles wanted to record two early Lennon and McCartney originals dating from as far back as The Quarry Men days. "The One After 909" was a perennial favorite with The Beatles. Ultimately, there was time for only one song so the fourth song, "What Goes On", would remain unrecorded for a couple more years when it would be recorded for Rubber Soul.

The session began with seven takes of "From Me To You". It was decided that take 7 was best and would be subject to further overdubs. Next up was "Thank You Girl". The basic tracks were completed in six takes. The next task was to add overdubs onto take 6 of "Thank You Girl". The overdubs were completed in seven takes. The basis for the final master would be an edit of takes 6 and 13. Further overdubs would be done on 13 March 1963 (a couple of takes from that session can be found at the bottom of this page). Next, it was back to "From Me To You". The Beatles then recorded six incomplete edit piece takes. The final master would be an edit of takes, in this order, 12, 8, 9 and 10 (0:00-0:07, 0:07-1:03, 1:03-1:44, 1:44-end respectively).

The edits for "From Me To You" were done on 14 March 1963. The most complete of the edit takes was take 8 and would form the basis of the final edit. George Martin, after completing the edits, reinserted the edited master back into the reel where take 8 had been. As reel E49015 exists today, it reflects the Martin edits. The remnants of the takes from which the edits came are still on the reel. As presented above, the reel has been reconstructed to its original sequence as it was when it was first recorded during this session. "From Me To You" takes 8-13, as they are assembled on the reel today can be heard - here.

The master mono mixes of both "Thank You Girl" and "From Me To You" (reel E49088), mixed 13-14 March 1963 respectively, can be found on Past Masters Volume 1. Remix numbers are unknown. "Thank You Girl" was also mixed in stereo on 13 March and, drenched with reverb, was first released in 1964 on the Capitol LP, The Beatles' Second Album. That mix can be found on the recent Capitol Versions Volume 1 CD set. For "From Me To You", George Martin wanted to feature a harmonica along with the harmony vocals heard in the intro. To accomplish this, he syncronized the original harmonica intro from take 8 to the beginning of the master edit as it was mixed to mono. "From Me To You" was never mixed for stereo and all stereo versions (the first being the 1966 UK release, Collection Of Oldies LP) are copies of the master edit from reel E49015. Since the master edit begins with only take 12, the syncronized harmonica is absent.

"The One After 909" didn't fair so well during this session (only one take was complete) and remained shelved until 1995 when an edit of takes 4 and 5 was released on Anthology 1. However, several mixes had been done over the previous years. In 1976, E.M.I. considered releasing an album of unreleased tracks and two reels of test mixes were done. Reel E10197 was assembled on 21 April 1976 and contained an edit of "The One After 909" takes 4 and 5. That mix, sourced in better quality from one of John Barrett's tapes (see below) can be heard - here.

Barrett's tape dates from 1982. There is no clear indication if Barrett copied the 1976 mix or created a new mix himself but they're virtually identical. At one point, following a playback of the mix, Barrett can be heard saying "I think I edited it". In 1984, in another attempt to release an album of unreleased songs, this time titled Sessions, Geoff Emerick prepared a new fake stereo mix which featured a different edit point. That mix can be heard - here. The 1995 mix heard on Anthology 1 features the same edit point as the 1976 mix. It might be Barrett's mix or possibly a newly prepared mix.

13 MARCH 1963

On this date, a few overdubs were added to the takes 6/13 edit of "Thank You Girl". This created takes 14-28. A mono mix, probably made from takes 14-28, was done and is found on Past Masters Volume 1. A final stereo edit, called "take 30", was made from different takes (17, 20, 21 and 23). That stereo mix didn't surface for another year, drenched in reverb, until the US release, The Beatles' Second Album and can be heard on the recent Capitol Versions Volume 1 CD set.

In 1982, John Barrett made two copies of "Thank You Girl". The first is an edit of take 14 with the end edited from last six seconds of take 30. That mix can be heard - here. The second is a mix of take 30. This might be a straight copy of take 30 or Barrett might have created a new mix himself. Hear take 30 - here.

Also in 1982, Barrett created a unique stereo mix of "From Me To You". This mix was an edit of takes 8, 9 and 10 and is very similar to the released stereo.
The actual intro from take 8 is edited onto the master take. Hear Barrett's mix - here.

The tracks presented here are taken from the following sources:

Reel E49015 is sourced entirely from March 5, 1963 Plus The Decca Tape (Vigotone).

Reel E49016 is sourced, mostly, from Studio Sessions (Tobe Milo).
However, that source is missing the first couple of seconds of take 1 as well as fragments of tape noise between all the takes.
Those bits have been edited in from March 5, 1963 Plus The Decca Tape (Vigotone) and/or The Ultimate Collection Volume Two (Yellow Dog)

Barrett's mix of "From Me To You" is sourced from Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes (Vigotone)

Barrett's alternate mixes of "Thank You Girl" are sourced from More Masters (Roaring Mouse)
Presumably, the same mixes can be found on Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes (Vigotone). Although the Vigotone release is superior in quality, the stereo spread is very narrow (almost mono). It also omits the announcemnt for take 14 and some ambient noise before take 30. Typically, I post the best quality versions but, in an effort to provide a more accurate representation, I have chosen to source from More Masters.

Barrett's copy of the 1976 mix of "One After 909" is sourced from Another Sessions...Plus (Vigotone)

Geoff Emerick's 1984 mix of "One After 909" is sourced from Sessions (Spank)

See photos taken during this session and earlier in the day - here


NOTE: The tape/box image used above was created for illustration purposes. It is NOT authentic.
It is used merely to represent what they might look like.