The Tony Sheridan Recordings (revisited)

Recorded 22-24 June 1961 at Studio Rahlstedt in Hamburg. "Sweet Georgia Brown" recorded 7 June 1962 at Studio Rahlstedt in Hamburg.

These are remixes I've done that you might find interesting. I find them more listenable than the reverb drenched mixes that are officially released and they help represent more accurately what The Beatles sounded like. The source for these recordings is "Beatles Bop - Hamburg Days" (Bear Family Records).

OOPSED (out of phase stereo)
for a description of "oopsing" see - here

"Oopsing" is a trick frequently applied to The Beatles' recordings. However, I've never heard it used on their recording with Tony Sheridan.
When applied to this set of recordings, the result is a virtual elimination of the reverb drenching sound used on the original mixes.
When applied to "Sweet Georgia Brown", Tony's vocal is gone along with the reverb.


These mixes are, essentially, the instrumental channel of each track. However, some additional trickery was done to maintain the integrity of the lead guitar found on the vocal channel.

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