1970 John Lennon home demos
Recorded at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot
November 1970

The "core" source for these tracks is
Compositions (Vigotone). Regrettably,
when I went to assemble this page,
I discovered that my copy of Compositions
had gone bad. As a result, I had to use
a sub-par tape source.

1971 John Lennon "Imagine" sessions
Recorded at Ascot Sound Studios
Tittenhurst Park, Ascot
May 1971

Take 1 is sourced from Imagine...All The Outtakes.
Take 2 is sourced from Imagine...More Session Tapes (both on Vigotone).

John Lennon - vocal and piano
Klaus Voormann - bass
Alan White or Jim Keltner - drums
(possibly) Nicky Hopkins - piano

This song was obviously in the running for the
Imagine album but, for whatever reason, it was
rejected and John later reworked the lyrics and
gave the song to Ringo whom it suited perfectly.

1973 "Ringo" Sessions
Recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders
Probably 13 March 1973

The rehearsals are sourced from
Something Precious and Rare (Vigotone)

John Lennon - vocal and piano
George Harrison - guitar
Ringo Starr - drums
Klaus Voormann - bass

The "Final L.A. mix" was done 24 July 1973 after Ringo recorded his vocals and Billy Preston added organ.
This is sourced from With A Little Help From John,
Paul & George
(Mistral Music).

An early rough mix and an alternate "Final L.A. mix" breakdown can be found on Ringo - Rough Mixes 5 & 6 respectively. Sorry, but I don't have those.

The take designations are per Eight Arms To Hold You and do not necessarily represent the actual take numbers.

Segment 1 (5:11)
- several false starts
- take 1

Segment 2 (5:22)
- two false starts
- take 2

Segment 3 (3:23)
- false start
- take 3 (breakdown)

Segment 4 (4:01)
- take 4

An additional rehearsal take, along with a fragment of yet another take, can be heard on John Lennon: Anthology.

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If anyone has Compositions or Ringo - Rough Mixes 5 & 6 and would be willing to contribute them or MP3s of the select tracks, please email me.