The Dirty Mac Sessions
The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus
10-11 December 1968
Stonebridge House, Wembley

"The Dirty Mac Jam" improv
Backstage Improv with Mick Jagger
Intro with Mick Jagger
(Intro is an alternate source than DVD)

From mono Nagra reel
Yer Blues
(rehearsal) mono
Yer Blues
(take 1) mono
(This is an alternate recording of
the officially released performance)

Mono mix from 4-track
Yer Blues
(take 2) mono

Stereo mixes from 4-track
Yer Blues
(take 2) stereo
Whole Lotta Yoko (stereo) alternate stereo
These are alternate, early stereo mixes that differs
to those found on the Rock And Roll Circus DVD.
NOTE: "Whole Lotta Yoko" (aka "Her Blues") was
a one-off performance. There are no other takes.

Mono Acetate
Yer Blues (take 2)
Whole Lotta Yoko
(NOTE: To me these are the best mixes)


Rock & Roll Circus
black & white rough cut
Intro/Yer Blues (take 2)/Whole Lotta Yoko

This might be the rough cut which Michael Lindsay-Hogg talks about during the Get Back sessions. It features a completely different take of "Yer Blues" than the released version with different camera angles.

Austrian TV excerpts
Black and White

An Austrian television crew also captured various excerpts of these performances which feature various different camera angles. It appears as though these excerpts were used in at least three different documentaries titled according to John Winn, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, according to Chip Madinger and Mark Easter, Die Vergewaligung and according to Jorg Pieper and Volker Path, The Lennon Portrait. I'm not certain which of these documentaries the excerpts presented here are from.

Lennon/Jagger ad-lib
Yer Blues (take 2)

These are composites I made from the documentary clips synced to the audio recordings.

Eric Clapton - guitar, John Lennon - vocals and guitar, Mitch Mitchell - drums,
Keith Richard - bass, with Yoko Ono - voice and Ivry Gitlis - violin

Previously, the rehearsal of "Yer Blues" was designated 'Take 2' and the now take 2
was designated as 'Take 3'. However, the official release of (the now) take 2 on the DVD
verifies its identity. Thus, what had previously been designated 'Take 2' must be a rehearsal
and indeed, it sounds rougher than takes 1 and 2.

Alternate stereo mixes of "Yer Blues" (takes 1 and 2) and "Whole Lotta Yoko" can be found
on the officially released Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus.

To me, it appears as though "Yer Blues" take 2 was the original choice for the finished program.
It was chosen for early mixes as well as the early rough cut. Even though John flubs the lyrics,
I much prefer take 2 over take 1.

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