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5 March 2000

Support on Ricky Ross Tour
05/03/00 Coventry Warwick Arts Centre

Damn Your Eyes
Let It Fall
The Waves
On Leaving
The Lightbulb Song

Review by Ian Ware

Well, I've been putting it off all moring so here goes at a review of last nights show at Warwick Arts Centre (and cinema).

Arrived at around 7.15 for the early show, found our way into the arena(?) - a weird setup - looks exactly like a cinema - curtains and all hiding the gear on stage...mmm, not many people so went to search for the bar - 15mins = easy time for a half of 1664. Met Sarah & Marcus, went back into arena. found out we were sat in someone elses seat - swapped tickets, found the discrepency - we were sat waiting for American Beauty. Ah, that's why it looks like a cinema then. Found correct arena type place, watched Carina.

It was in a very big lecture hall type place with raised seats everywhere - brought back a few nightmares of Uni lectures. Alot of people were in early for Carina, everyone being very polite - just the odd cough to break up the silence between songs. Sound was excellent - crystal clear. Carina seemed very confident in front of the crowds (which apparently you cannot see from the stage as its too dark). Played some of the usual songs - Ribbons, On Leaving, started with Damn your eyes, ertc, and threw a few new songs in to boot. Carina was over by 8.10 - almost left to make it home for last orders, but decided to stay for SOME of Ricky Ross (that bloke from Deacon Blue apparently). Problem 2. Carina and her mum came and sat next to Marcus. Unable to leave, we sat through all of Ricky's set. Not as bad as it may sound. Not really my cup of tea but he is good at wot he does. And the bloke at the back waving his hand up and down enjoyed it along with the couple in the front row feet tapping and singing all the harmonies.

Anyway, had a brief chat to Carina and Markus at the end, went home, went to bed.

Originally online at CarinaRound Yahoo newsgroup

Review by Sarah

Okay...... it might be a bit late but heres my review of Sunday night. It'll be very much like Ian's surprisingly enough !!

Yeah... Warwick Arts Centre is very nice, especially the film theatre !! American Beauty really isn't my cup of tea so I'm glad we realised when we did !!! Hmmn...... the actual venue was really nice, if a bit sterile. Even tho Ricky Ross, who Carina was supporting, is a bit of an 80's throwback he can still pull a good crowd and I'd say there were at least a couple hundred people in there for Carina's set. An early one too at 7.30pm. She opened
with the fantastic Damn your Eyes again. A song that's been missing from her set the last 2 times I've seen her. The sound was fantastic and it was great just to see her performing in a place with such a good PA. It was absolutely crystal clear and none of yer noisy buggers up at the bar like we normally get in Ronnies. The rest of the set was good too with Let it Fall (the one about her dad), Waves (the one about her grandad) Ribbons, and On Leaving (the one for Jeff Buckley) and a new one called The Lightbulb Song. Despite Smudge and the other girl (can never remember her name) not appearing, Carina gave another fantastic performance. And she had a lovely dress on too :)

Ricky Ross was errrr fine. Not exactly my cup of tea, although I admit to owning a taped copy of Raintown in my very early teens. But good on him, he gave the audience what they wanted and I even recognised a couple of Deacon Blue songs in there too. In true rock star styley he kicked his legs up and threw his plectrum out to his adoring (seated) fans as he left the stage. Go Ricky, Go Ricky etc etc. The couple down the front who were singing along to the harmonies were moved to a standing ovation. They soon sat down when no one else joined them !! I'm sure they felt as tho they had got more than their £12 worth tho. Yup, £12 to see Ricky Ross !! And it's of no consequence but...... Ricky Ross is really short !!

Originally online at CarinaRound Yahoo newsgroup