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10 March 2000

The Avant Garden Gig
10/03/00 Guildford Civic Hall

Damn Your Eyes

Review by Ian Ware

went out got drunk, went home, wait a minute, that was saturday......we met up with markus & Carina in the Hogshead in Guildford for a bit of nosh, ate, Carina was due to play around 10 so no rush to get to the venue. Arrived around 9, I don't think I've ever seen the civic looking that good - it doesn't normally look that great but they put a load of drapes hanging from the roof and two temporary stages at one end of the hall to enable continuous music while sets are being changed. in the hall were loads of tables and the place looked very intimate and stop bar - to my great shock the beer was as cheap as the pub down the road (cheap in the loosest sense of the word - 2.40 a pint!) - the beer always used to be over priced...met up with Laney, Vicky and Richard, discovered half an hour later that maybe Carina had played already as we were so engrossed in beer and couldn't hear what was going on in the hall....alas not, we did make it into the
hall in time to catch Damn your eyes. This was well recieved by the crowd - the majority of which were there to listen to the music and not chat all the way through. There were a few pockets of people jabberring but generally not too bad....anyone fancy helping me out at this point as I can't remember any of the rest of the set!....what I do remember is that Carina did not play I'm leaving which is unusual....anyway, all in all it was a good night and Carina was well received.

Originally online at CarinaRound Yahoo newsgroup