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23 January 2001

Songwriters Festival
Birmingham Ronnie Scott's
Support to Elbow and I Am Kloot

Review by Conrad Cox

Elbow, Ronnie Scott's

THERE'S a lot of talk about Elbow being the next Coldplay. Forget it. They're better than that, and whilst comparisons are inevitable, they do the band scant justice.

Fronted by the remarkable vocal talent and quite ridiculous range of Guy Garvey, this is a band which not only justifies, but surpasses, the music media hype. Wrapped in northern melancholia, they serve up songs to die for, with soaring melodies one moment and guitarist Mark Potter's rousing rock riffs the next. Highlights were the building power of New Born, the twisted Bitten By The Tail Fly and harmony-laden new EP lead-in Any Day Now. Elbow have greatness about them.

Fellow Mancunians I Am Kloot offered a sublime set of polished pop sensibilities with a sting in the lyrical tail, hallmarked by songs like Titanic and Dark Star.

Chanteuse Carina Round opened the gig with an all too short solo set. Tonight at the Songwriters Festival, teenage blues-rocker Joanne Shaw Taylor.

Originally printed in the Birmingham Evening Mail on 24th January 2001