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3 October 2001

Acoustic Roadworks Tour
London, Dingwalls

Review by JS

Musix was more than a little intrigued at the prospect of seeing Ben and Jason play Camden’s Dingwalls. The media frenzy surrounding their previous albums, Emoticons and Hello had passed us by, but with a new album, Ten Songs About You, a venue close to bursting and Jason describing their sound as 'acoustic porn', they had our full attention for the night.

The boys, who arrived on the scene two years ago, are headlining the Roadworks tour that will take in thirteen venues across the country this October. The biannual event is sponsored by the Arts Council of England and has been set up to promote emerging songwriters.

An unexpected bonus on the night was catching the electrifying performance of Carina Round. Carina's energy and slightly disturbing moments of rage made for a very memorable performance, and we reckon it’s definitely worth trying to get hold of her debut album, The First Bloody Mystery.

As Ben and Jason arrived on stage, it was clear that this was why people were really here. They stepped on stage to generous applause and proceeded to play a mixture of new and old tracks to the apparent delight of the audience.

After listening to the album all weekend, tracks like That Film With All The Kisses At The End initially seemed a bit simple and slightly dull. We had to change our mind, though, two minutes in, when the tune was transformed by resonating stretched guitars and a mad jumble of other echos and noises.

The album can be slow at times but See You In My Dreams and some spine tingling moments in Let's Murder Vivaldi make up for the lulls. Ten Songs About You is not going to punch you in the face at first listen but, if you let it, it will slowly seduce you with its sound.

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