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17 October 2003

Bleeding UK Tour
Birmingham, Flapper & Firkin

Launch gig for the new album, The Disconnection.
Supported by Murdoch and Snowfield.

Motel 74
Into My Blood
Let It Fall
How I See It
The Waves

Review by Russ L

By the time I arrived Snowfield were already playing their last song, but that was impressive enough - it started off sounding like Coldplay (well, the chiming guitar reminded me of 'Yellow') before disolving into noisejam/feedback meltdown.

Murdoch were less interesting. Much less interesting - The Strokes gone (even more) indie-pop, although I'm almost certain that if you asked one of them to describe their music they'd say "It's just rock'n'roll..." In the interests of fairness I should point out that they went down prety well, but you don't need them in your life. Trust me. I wouldn't lie to you.

Thence Carina, who you really do need in your life. It was an odd gig, but a very good one - despite being beset by technical difficulties (power failures, guitars going out of tune, a snare drum disintegrating faster than the present day Tory party) Carina seemed to really enjoy it, and this joyous feeling took hold amongst the crowd and made for a wonderful atmosphere.

She opened with 'Motel 74,' its alt-country begining building to a downright vicious, more riffy than usual ending. 'Shoot' was piercing, 'Monument' was forceful, and 'Lacuna' was sexy, despite being the point where things began to go wrong.

The intro to 'Paris' always makes me shiver live, even when stopped and started again due to a guitar being tuned to something approaching drop-x, and 'Into My Blood' and 'Elegy' sounded respectively less and more noisy than on record. An extended version of the extended live version of'Let It Fall' saw her a lot happier than she normaly seems when performing that song, and so as a less-drained-than-usual Carina left the stage we all jumped at the chance to call for an encore. She returned sans band but with a red-haired girl in tow (for backing vocals) and performed an absolutely beautiful 'How I See It.' Following that we still wouldn't let her go, and so she gave us a solo 'The Waves' (deriding it as one of the 'whiny bitch songs from the first album.')

It was all enough to make me not mind about the sheer density of the crowd I was standing in (when there's condensation on the ceiling after no-one has danced, you know it's not safe). Not admittedly, as good as the last time Carina played at The Flapper (the best gig I have ever been to), but definitely the best set of the year so far.

Originally online at The Communion website

Review by Neil Bromley

I Arrive to a warm welcome from Jackie of Zoot Promotions and look through the packed room for someone to buy me a Guinness. As luck would have it one was forthcoming. Cheers mate.

SNOWFIELD were most of the way through a hard edged indie type groove that had metal edges to it and sounded great. I liked what I heard and will try and see them soon to get a real taste of what they have to offer. Get the feel of what is going on with SNOWFIELD first by visiting:

MURDOCH I think, are a punk band. They are tight and solid and punchy yet the rock'n'roll style and lack of definition in the set left me a little cold. Maybe because I knew what was coming up I was not in the right frame of mind. Find out for yourself by visiting:

CARINA ROUND I had never seen live and was looking forward to it enormously. When they began to play to the full house the class was immediately obvious. All the performances were stunning, with none standing out particularly yet it made the whole set absolutely excellent. There cannot be high enough praise for CARINA ROUND and the small ensemble that she has with her. With tracks that go from Jazz to Hard Rock within the same song and the haunting vocals flowing so smoothly it is wonderful to listen to. The whole feel to this was of quality and something special. Somewhere between P. J. Harvey and Morcheeba is a big space that CARINA ROUND fills if you need some sort of comparison. There is subtlety, there is punch and there is moodiness you could crawl through. Excellent band, superb songs and a quality performance. I also bought the CD. Find out how bad you should feel about missing this gig and what more CARINA ROUND has to offer:

Originally online at the Solihull Online website

Photos by David Renfrey

Photos by unknown