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13 January 2004

Disconnection Tour
Stratford, Cox's Yard

First Live Appearance of "Hookah".
Support by Ten O'Clock Scholars.

Motel 74
Into My Blood
Let It Fall

Review by JCE

First night of a new tour, one of the most extensive for some time. There are even flyers around the venue showing the tour - and a poster! Cox's Yard is a large pub by the river, clearly aimed at the hoards of summer tourists that hit this area. The upstairs bar area is the venue for tonight's gig. Not the largest audience but it seems they do allow dogs in! Really - there was a dog on a lead by the bar.

After several support acts, Carina and the band come on to an audience that seemed to be retreating from the stage - although the large patch of space at the front was soon filled with quite a few photographers.

Clearly suffering from first night jitters, the opener "Shoot" is a bit too tight but by the second and third track things are getting better and Carina was then remembering where the lyrics went in the songs. The first live appearance for Hookah highlights it, as with all the other songs, as far better live than the single release. It was also great to see how that chiming bell sound is made at the beginning - its Tom on his guitar.

As an aside - whenever you see a band, they tend to always stand in the same place, but tonight Smudge was to Carina's right - never seen that before. Didn't affect the music, but it just seemed odd

Monument really won the crowd over and by Into My Blood, the enthused crowd begin to move forward as more people arrived and consequently the performance gets even better as the band relax.

Highlight was the last planned track - Elegy - a beautiful version that live is very different from the CD - and is far better.

Although there was no planned encore the cheers for more were granted a perfect version of Let It Fall

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