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22 January 2004

The Disconnection Tour
Nottingham, The Rescue Rooms

"Paris" was listed on the setlist, but not played.

Motel 74
Into My Blood
Let It Fall

Review by Greg Thomas

Carina Round stamps her foot on the stage in an exaggerated manner, at the start of the evening’s second track ‘Motel 74’. If I was slightly taken aback by sound of her foot hitting the stage, then I was on my back from the lung busting vocals.

Carina’s songs are accessible, but at the same time complex and deeply personal, fortunately these songs aren’t heart rending and ‘I’m feeling sorry for myself’; but life affirming; and the message ‘I’m doing something about this’ bubbles to the surface throughout the performance. Carina has taken tales of an awkward upbringing and crafted them into well rounded ‘pop’ tunes.

On the songs performed this evening, it’s easy to draw comparisons, ‘Hookah’ a b-side on her last single sounds uncannily like Tanya Donnely, whilst on crowd pleaser ‘Into my Blood’ a much darker song, there’s a passing resemblance to both Kate Bush and Tori Amos.

As Carina Round stands centre stage dressed in black, she is a striking figure, although for the first two song this evening, my attention was drawn to her guitarist, who was rather spookily wearing a plastic face mask that made him look like the bastard offspring of Michael Jackson! Fortunately by the evening’s third song and the next single ‘Lacuna’ any distractions had gone.

On stage Round came across a little tense, although this vanished during ‘Let it Fall’, the only track played from her debut album ‘The First Blood Mystery’, where there was a sudden burst of passion and anger; this was three minutes of pure raw emotion, and as her accompanying band gently chugged away behind her, it was richly expressive.

In the current musical climate, it’s difficult being a female singer songwriter, and this is acknowledged when mid set, Carina stops to plug her album and merchandise, she needs to as there’s no record company promoting her and paying for advertising, although from the stampede to snatch up copies after the gig, there’ll be food on her table for another week at least!

Only one song is played during the encore, ‘Monument’ and as Carina leaves the stage after the performance, she tells us, “See you all after the show personally, to ask you why you didn’t shout quite so fucking loud”. That’s a question that’s easy to answer. It’s because we were too mesmerised and impressed with your performance, that we merely forgot!

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Photos by Luke Miller (possibly)