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8 May 2004

Second American Tour
supporting Snow Patrol
San Diego, CA Epicentr

Let It Fall

Review by Beth VanBoxtel

There aren't many all-ages shows in San Diego, CA, that consist of a crowd between the ages of 25 and 40. As my younger friend and I approached the venue, we couldn't help but notice the prominent tour bus consuming half of the venue's parking lot. An MTV2 crew was on hand at the venue to pass out stickers and information on their Advance Warning show. This show was the final one on the lengthy national tour, and the bands were prepared to put everything on the line and play a very relaxed show.

In the wake of PJ Harvey and other female solo artists making a name for them this year, Carina Round is emerging into the scene as being a solid, driven female artist with a power-packed band behind her. Her latest release, THE DISCONNECTION, came out on Interscope Records in the United States merely a few months ago. As she took the stage, the band jazzed fellow onlookers with fast-paced, straightforward metallic rock. Mangy guitars, pulsating drums, jazzy cymbal rides, and a thumping stand-up bass accompanied heartfelt, sexy, distraught, soulful vocals, creating a winning formula. The band pulled through an acoustic version of her song "Goldfish" that was pleasing on the ears. Throughout the set, Carina hit some very high-pitched notes that were dead on. The music was so classy that it left me feeling very satisfied with the entire performance. Look for Carina Round on the Lollapalooza Tour this summer, and visit her Website at .

Supporting their latest release, FINAL STRAW, Snow Patrol (from Ireland) had drawn much attention prior to this tour. Although this was a two-band lineup, the show was packed with people by the time Snow Patrol came out with a dramatic opening that included a drum solo and a dim array of lights cast down on the stage. Staying true to their Irish roots, the four guys brought their choice of alcohol with them. Staggering around, the band played carefully to stay tight. Laced with complicated intros to each song, this dashing young band appealed to all with their danceable, rocking-out style. The smooth sound mirrored that of Pete Yorn, with slight overtones of Interpol, and at times they were even as loose as Ben Kweller. Snow Patrol stood out with their original and conceptual melodies, flawless guitar riffs, and consistent and beautiful vocals that varied with each song. The keyboardist played on top of all these elements without being overbearing on the rest of the sound. The drummer (formerly with Belle & Sebastian) pounded out each fill with incomparable ability. Their ravishing set included such hits as "Spitting Games", "Ride Off", and "Never Break Your Sleep".

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