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26 May 2004

Paris UK Tour
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall Bar

Supported by Damien Dempsey. "Like A Hurricane" was on the setlist as an encore, but not played. Gig attended by Robert Plant.

Motel 74
Into My Blood
Let It Fall

Review by JCE

A headline slot tonight, following a well received, but in my opinion dull performance by Damien Dempsey.

A very nervous Carina takes to the stage and starts straight into Shoot. A poor performance dogged by feedback and technical issues is followed by Motel 74. Some improvement here but it sounded very much like the band are going through the motions and Carina seems to have more on her mind than singing. I later discovered why.

Into My Blood is far better as Carina visibly relaxes. Strong guitar work by Tom helps as Carina really lets go, and produces an exciting performance that almost makes up for the previous poor tracks.

Lacuna is performed straight from the album, no fault in that, but it can sound far better when Carina puts more into it. The crowd obviously felt the same as me.

Paris plays to a silent audience but for me that is all the better, a beautifully evocative song drifts over the crowd and despite the show so far, was great. A strong and forceful beat supports the floating lyrics perfectly. This is worth the entrance fee alone

The bell chimes of Hookah introduce a very dark version with some great drumming by John. Played to a silent crowd the applause at the end shows the quality of the performance

Elegy is another one played straight as per the album, but Carina's voice is far better tonight and I see more of the beauty and dynamism of her voice than I've ever seen

Let It Fall isn't its usual outlandish self and again is close to the album version, which is very interesting - is this the first time its been that subdued? Instead of a Pixies interlude we get a Led Zep interlude tonight, which again is more subdued. Seems to fit better tonight - a nice change.

An encore of Monument, minus the planned Like A Hurricane, is quickly finished off in a lacklustre way, with a break in the middle as Carina's guitar is badly out of tune

The reason for the nervousness and poor performance - Robert Plant is in the audience. A big hero of Carina's came to see her and having been told just before she went on caused her to be somewhat overwhelmed - well wouldn't you be? That also explained the new addition in Let It Fall!

One highlight for me was after the show, with Plant singing "Hey, hey momma" to Carina's mom who introduced the delights of Led Zeppelin to Carina - a precious moment

A mixed gig with moments that should be forgotten with others that excelled made for an unusual evening

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