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26 June 2004

Festivals 04
Glastonbury, New Tent

Motel 74
Into My Blood

Let It Fall

Review by Martin J Williams

Doing the Rounds

New Tent - Saturday

Recently signed to Interscope in the States and fresh off the back of her second album “The Disconnection” Carina Round, is on a mission.

She’s feisty, she’s focused, has a different guitar for every song and clearly is not to be messed with. She’s Polly Harvey’s bad ass little sis’ dressed in black (looking vaguely similar to the Scottish Widow perhaps); black must be the new black in the Black Country.

“What the f**k did you say?” she challenges a jester in the audience as she opens her set of powerfully emotive suburban blues with “Shoot”.

Untamed, critically acclaimed, her voice ignites on set highlight “Into My Blood”, “I wait all my life, just for the rush, the passing of fire, into my blood”. It’s in her veins you know.

‘Elegy’ also delivers. A smouldering, evocative, Texan/Tarantino swagger and “Let It Fall” is immense, a rampage of emotion.

Her band performed admirably, all the parts are in place, great songs written, and Carina Round has without doubt a stunning, exceptional voice. I couldn’t help feeling though that for all the fire in her blood something just didn’t quite ignite today. (I hate saying that, I’m a fan dam it). The sound really didn’t do her talent justice, simply not loud enough, not as overwhelming as her overwhelming music deserves. Shame. She’s great, she knows she’s great, everyone knows she’s great. She’ll have better days and I’ll bet she won’t be waiting long.

Originally online at the official Glastonbury website

Review by Daisy Jones

For many acts, the chance to play at Glastonbury festival on a substantially sized stage is the move in the right direction for recognition and success. Each year, you see bands move up one more cog in the wheel of glasto, with the stage getting bigger, the audience getting bigger, and the album sales in the glasto aftermath getting bigger.

For Carina Round, this is a well-earned sign of her popularity slowly gaining interest at long last. The reward for ten years of touring seems to be a forty-five minute set on a stage that is very far from the audience and is in a dark clammy tent. However, the performance is still as electrifying as ever. Festivals have the potential to gain a huge interest and a new following of fans and everyone knows this whilst waiting for Round to start.

She graces the stage with all the beauty, confidence, and talent to knock the socks off anyone remotely near this tent on a muddy Saturday afternoon. With a bit of heckling from the crowd, she knows she's in good company and puts on as good a show as any, albeit with a few hiccups as usual on the technical side. Carina has her performance down, she knows what she's doing, and it is so frustrating seeing things go wrong during her perfect performance.

The set was the usual one for this year, but still oozing with audience anticipation of just how mad she will go in 'let it fall'. It's a great mixture of songs for potential new fans to hear, witnessing her vocal range, her potential to write and play both solemn or rocking tracks, and to witness just enough of her musical depth to leave wanting a lot more from this act.

Let's hope that anyone remotely interested in this dark midlands jewel will buy her albums and see her live when the chance comes, rather than basing all their perceptions of Round on this one performance. Let's also hope that she's made a big enough impression to play again with an even bigger crowd, much better sound and a perfect soundman!

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Photos by Daisy Jones

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