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15 December 2005

Slow Motion Addict UK Preview Shows
Wolverhampton, Little Civic

Support by Ben Drummond and Murdoch

Gravity Lies
Ready To Confess
How Many Times
Come To You
January Heart
Down Slow
Take The Money ("Money Lust")
Want More
Into My Blood
Slow Motion Addict

Review by Russ L.

Anyone likely to be reading this blog is likely to be someone who knows me, and hence it’s hardly worth the effort of saying how much I admire and adore Carina Round. If anyone has somehow accidentally come across this and is reading it to kill time - well, I really admire and adore Carina Round. She’s recently been recording her third album in America, and as a result this was her first gig in the UK for aroundabout a year and a half. My excitement was almost tangible.

I was working till eight, anyway, so supporters Murdoch were halfway through their set when I arrived. I saw them play with Carina a couple of years ago and wasn’t especially impressed then, and alas little seems to have changed. Just your basic indie-pop, with no songs that stood out.

Carina herself cut quite the unconventional swathe with a white dress, hair up whimsically and very green eyeshadow. I’ve never seen her in an ensemble like that before, and this initial surprise set the tone for the whole set. It’s all change it seems, in a few different ways - as well as new music, her overall demeanor is different. Even though her trademark nervousness was there in effect, her actual stage movements seemed to be a bit more theatrical and (dare I say it?) deliberately sexy.

Only two old songs were played (”Elegy” and “Into My Blood”), with nothing at all from the first album. Most of the new stuff gave the idea that Carina Wants To Rock. It’s definitely different in feel to most of her previous material, much of it seeming to lean towards a more straightforward howl-at-the-moon style (the thought does occur that the PJ Harvey comparisons she always gets may finally be halfway accurate now). Significant use has also been made of beats and samples for the first time.

“Ready To Confess” was the standout, having an off kilter rock ‘n’ roll air about it and a massive chorus. It came across as something akin to Fugazi doing the MC5 and absolutely shredded. “Down Slow” intrigued me, too - a playful little affair with a very strange but very catchy chorus.

This is all based on one listen, obviously, and may well prove to be completely misleading. With so many questions about the future hanging in the air, it’s an exciting time to be a Carina fan.

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