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25 April 2009?

Hollywood?, Brit Event

I have no clue when or where this is. It was never listed on Carina's performance itinerary.
The first photo was posted on Kristin Burns' TwitPic page on April 26, 2009.

This was posted on Carina's Twitter page...
1:08 PM Apr 23rd
"Doing a showcase in Hollywood... Excited about playing with Tom and Smudge again xx"

These were posted on Kristin's Twitter page...
5:42 PM Apr 25th
"Dan is walking around saying shhhhhhh bc @carinaround is about to go on stage.....2 margaritas...yum!!!"
5:57 PM Apr 25th
"Carina is gonna make all these peeps slit their wrists!"

This is clearly spring 2009. I'm presuming Carina's comment is in reference to this performance.
She hadn't played with Tom and Simon in a while. Kristin's comments would seem to narrow the date.

Finally, I've determined this was something called "Brit Event" but I have no clue what it was.

Note: the fellow on keyboards is Zac Rae.

Photos by Kristin Burns