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13 May 2009

Things You Should Know
CD Release Show
Los Angeles, The Hotel Café

For Everything A Reason
Please Don't Stop
Do You
Got To Go (new song)
Thief In The Sky
Take The Money

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Tom Livemore - guitar
Simon Smith - bass
Samuel Stewart - guitar and backing vocal
Zac Rae - keyboards and effects
Scott Seiver - drums
Sierra Swan - backing vocal

Photo by Angel

Carina's Twitter comments about the show,

"My band last night were incredible! Tom Livemore, Simon Smith, Zac Rae, Scott Seiver and the AMAZING Sierra Swan and Sam Stewart. I'm in the bath and hung over... Now to concentrate on bringing my voice back... Love to Sierra Swan for singing so beautifully last night. Wow thank you for all your tweets! I'm feeling all fuzzy inside... Thank you everyone for making last nights show so amazing and special"

An interview Carina gave before the show can be read HERE

Photo by SHIMOSH

Review by Chazz Avery

Carina's new EP, Things You Should Know, was digitally released (via the internet) the day before this show. The show was the release party performance.

For those of you who haven't read my earlier account of seeing Carina, this is actually the first chance I've had to see her perform live on stage.


We arrived at the Hotel Café in time to catch the last half of Sierra Swan's excellent opening solo set. Sierra is a long time friend of Carina's. Earlier in the year, they did a few shows together (on stage at the same time) which, Carina told me, went very well. I haven't heard anything from those shows but suspect they would be great.

The stage was already set up for Carina and her band so it wasn't long before she stepped onto the stage. Several of Carina's friends were in attendance including photographer Kristin Burns, Things You Should Know producer Dan Burns and The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan among others.

Before going on stage, Carina walked among the audience talking with friends. I must say, she looked absolutely stunning. I had the opportunity to chat with her a few moments and reintroduce myself (we had met once before in 2007). She thanked me for traveling so far (from Ohio to Los Angeles), named the new band members along with some other tidbits. Knowing I was coming, she had me on the guest list (but I insisted on paying for admission) and she asked if I got in OK. As she walked away, she entered the stage.

The first song was an incredibly powerful performance of "For Everything A Reason". Instead of a microphone, Carina (sans guitar) sang into an old telephone for most of the song which produced an enchantingly distant quality to her voice. Almost otherworldly. Giving me goosebumps, the song creeped to a full-band performance and powerful climax as a trance-like, animated Carina shrieked and moaned.

"For Everything A Reason" alternate source excerpt.
Note: it's cool to syncronize the two videos.

Grabbing her acoustic guitar, Carina and the band immediately launched into the new EP's second song, "Please Don't Stop". I had previously heard excerpts of this song from the new EP but, otherwise, was not familiar with it and didn't know what to expect. While not quite as monolithic as "For Everything A Reason", this song had the same beautifully ethereal and plantive tension.

Next came a relatively standard but, as always, excellent performance of "Lacuna". Similar to but, due to additional personnel, slightly different than the usual performances.

Prompted by an audience member, Carina grabbed an opportunity to plug the new EP. One of my favorites of her new song stock, "Do You" was next. Carina describes the sentiment behind the song - see the video below. I love this song in its most basic, acoustic form but this full-out band performance absolutely knocked me off my feet. Very much like the band recording on the new EP but this performance was one of the most powerfull things I've ever seen.

Next, was the pleasant surprise of a new (to date) unreleased song titled "Got To Go". Carina introduced the song as "about being really fucked up all the time in LA". This had a great chunky rhythm and a snakey little lead by Tom with some nice stop progression transitions. This would have fit well on Slow Motion Addict. Near the end of the song, it makes an abrupt stop and the preceding lyric would seem the end of the song. As the applause started, bang... the song continued to its natural end. The audience loved it.

Following this, Carina introduced Zac, Scott and Sierra (who was on stage for most but not all of the set). Carina then uttered "things you should know" as she stepped onto he loop box and let the loop repeat about 30 seconds when she introduced "Thief In The Sky".

This performance of "Thief In The Sky" is similar to most recent performances of it but the full-band shows the song realized as it was meant to be.

Immediately, while Carina gulped down some water, the drums began to thump as the band launched into a near techno version of "Take The Money" featuring a variety of sound effects and a cool new bang, bang, bang bit. Carina shreiked and writhered as she usually does on this song until the song came to an immediate stop.

A moment of applause, then the opening beats of "Shoot". Played a bit slower, this was a relatively standard performace of the song but Carina sang the chorus with a more plaintive delivery and the bridge had a dreamy quality.

Carina spent the next few moments to promote the new EP which she would be selling at the merchandise table and offered to answer questions anyone would have. She proceded to introduce Sam and "my very, very old friends and brothers", Tom and Simon. Then thanked The Hotel Café "for having me back and probably never will again" and the soundman, John. Also, reminding the audience to "please tip your bartenders as well because the more you tip, the more free drinks I get and the more interesting the night is for everybody".

She then invites "anyone who want to get on stage is welcome" as she introduced "Backseat". She speaks a tribute to everyone who worked on the new EP and to "everyone in this room, because you give a fuck enough to be here tonight". Jokingly, she says to her mom (who is NOT there), "Mom, I told you not to come tonight".

The opening notes of "Backseat" begin to play as she continues to encourage people to come on stage. They say all good things must come to an end. As much as I hated to hear it, she announced this would be the last song. A little further prodding was still needed to get some of the folks who worked on the new record up to the stage. Carina says, "This might mean nothing to you but, to me, it means the world". My friend, Angel, told me, "get your ass up there" so, what the hell, I did too. Which was a real treat.

Recently, there have been reports of seemingly audience indifference to Carina's performances by some audience members (notably at some UK shows) but there was no doubt about it... EVERYONE in this room truely loved her this night and "Backseat" was the fitting closer that perfectly evoked a sense of community. A beautiful ending to a wonderful evening.

Audio excerpts coming soon.


A few weeks prior to the show and this being the first opportunity I had to do it in person, Carina had agreed to talk about this website after the show. However, the line at her merchandise table was so long it took about an hour before she could get away. Clearly, people wanted to meet her and buy her merchandise. The folks I heard speaking to her had nothing but praise to say. While waiting for Carina, I had my first chance to talk to Tom who was a very friendly fellow that was interested in chatting. Apparently, Simon left quickly because he had another gig elsewhere. Please note, too, that she is selling "hard copies" (factory CDs) of the new EP at the shows. BUY ONE!!!.

Photo by SHIMOSH

Carina finally got away and we (my friend Angel and I) talked with her for about an hour on a variety of topics. She was very sweet and accomodating. She tried to talk us into staying for the following week's performance. She introduced us to several of her attending friends. At one point, Carina, her friend, Kristin Burns (who I had met earlier) and my female friend, Angel began talking about women's hair styles. Kind of leaving me out of the loop. Sheesh! (LOL).

Finally, we said our goodbyes, thank yous and hugs then, after a couple of photos, went our seperate ways.
Man, what a great night!

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Photo by Barak Hardley

Review by Yesstiles

I was at that show. Carina was on fire. Very entertaining with the full band and theatrics, but I must say I really enjoyed this spring's small acoustic shows with Sierra Swan even more. I love watching Carina alone with her guitar just playing. I met her too after one of those small shows, and boy is she nice and friendly. She made me feel like I was the only one in the room.

Sierra Swan's Flyer