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24 June 2009

New York City, The Living Room

The first of several gigs outside Los Angeles.

For Everything A Reason
Do You
Motel 74
Thief In The Sky
Got To Go
Spanish Burn

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Burns - guitar and vocals
Zac Rae - keyboards and effects


Photos by Chazz Avery

Review by Chazz Avery

At a previous performance at The Living Room, Carina said she really liked this venue. I can see why. This was a very cozy and intimate setting. And, unlike some moments during the final shows of her recent Hotel Café
residency, this audience sat very quietly and watched as she performed.

A brief tune-up and greeting then it was straight into "For Everything A Reason". While not quite as dynamic as a full-band performance, it was smooth as silk and just as intense. Almost before the applause could start at the end, Carina seemlessly began the opening chords of "Do You" but the slick start was a bit premature as Carina flubbed the chords during the fourth lyric line. She says, "I fucked up... startin' to get all cool and stuff... thanks for having me". Things proceded with a flawless performance. This song works really well in this stripped down delivery.

After another tune-up, Carina begins to say, "Me and my band are going to start a website..." but gets sidetracked and doesn't continue the thought. She jokingly complains that she just released a new recording but everyone wants to hear The Disconnection. As she begins the chords for a solo performance of "Motel 74", she notices Zac and Dan are simply there doing nothing. She says, "I don't feel comfortable with you standing there like that" and jokingly tells them to leave the stage. They comply. This is probably the best solo performance of this song I've seen. Very dynamic.

Another tune-up as she explains that she's using a borrowed guitar. This is followed by a wonderful performance of "Thief In The Sky" that was easily as good as any of the recent full-band performances. This ended with some spacey effects from Zac that led straight into "Got To Go". The synthesized intro was different and, in my opinion, superior to the recent performances at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles. Not as stomping as those performances, the song was delivered with a very cool groove. This is a great song. I'm anxious to hear a proper studio recording.

Next was a fairly standard delivery of "Lacuna" sans drums which actually provided a bit of dynamics to the song. The last verse was done accapella.

What followed was a new song titled "Spanish Burn" which was recorded by Carina's side project with Justin Rutledge and Dan Burns called Early Winters. She was selling handmade CDRs of this project which featured a studio recording of the song. This is a nice song with sort of a country feel.

The time came for the final song, "Backseat". Before giving the audience a brief rehearsal of the chorus, Carina complains about her choice of attire for the evening. Apparently, something was uncomfortable with her dress. A wonderfully light performance of the song ended the show. This was a very successful return to New York City.

As usual, Carina greeted fans at her merchandise stand. While waiting to chat with her, I began to chat with someone who turned out to be Sarah who used to run the first ever Carina fan website. This was a pleasant surprise.

Video by hrbadbrains

Video by Michael Seth Novick

NOTE: Complete show alternate source video coming soon.