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07 July 2009

London, Ontario, The London Music Club

This show featured the second live appearance of Carina's
side project band, Early Winters.

How I See It
Simplicity Hurts
Do You
In My Time of Dying
Thief in the Sky

Early Winters Setlist
Paperboat Aeroplane
Is This What You Had in Mind
Spanish Burn
What Kind of King
Turn Around

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Burns - guitar and vocals
Justin Rutledge - guitar and vocals*
*Early Winters set only

Photos by PrismElite
(click image)

Review by PrismElite at The Connection

I now regret not buying something to record it, it was a great little venue. I got the impression that a lot more people came for Justin Rutledge. (I only heard of her recently in association with the Smashing Pumpkins). But she seemed to be a big hit with crowd there. Hopefully, she'll come back since I don't know if she'll be coming to Michigan any time soon. As I recall she said "Do You" was about her blaming others for her own problems... as she started doing the wrong song. But she smoothly recovered. She mentioned being a bit light on the country influence so that's why she added a Bob Dylan cover (which also happens to be a Led Zepplin cover). I really liked that one personally, she utilized that lovely deep voice that I love so much. well, what don't I love about her. Got everyone to join along with singing Backseat which was great in such an intimite venue. Thief in the Sky was assisted by a fancy pedal to help repeat her multi-layered vocals which was just a real treat live. Maybe I'm forgetting a song.

The full band wasn't there, but I should mention Dan Burns was there to help play, he helped with producing the new EP and is part of Early Winters. I'm not going to say say I like Early Winters quite as much as her other stuff but I did pick up the Snowflake EP, they're growing on me. She stayed to sign merch after her set was over and before Justin began his, and had Things You Should Know posters, Into the Blood 3 song EP (Into the Blood, Hookah, Body-shaped bruise... some great songs there), the new EP, and Early Winters. She quickly recognized my t-shirt that I got from the donation. I decided to be nice on her hand since she wrote out a whole page of lyrics already for my donation.

I also have a fuzzy recollection that she played some acoustic song requests for me after the show, in a darkened backstage parking lot over the sound and lights of cars pulling out, but I may have been dreaming... I highly recommend donating...

I had donated for the ichat and then found out she was going to be within 3 hours so I couldn't resist going to see her live.. got more than I expected when offered with a live private backstage acoustic performance! But there was no actual backstage at this venue, so the parking lot it was. heh. not gonna complain. I'd say more but posting about it on the Internet kind of ruins the whole mystery of it

well that's my completely unobjective, emotional review. I only last week was able to buy a copy of "The First Blood Mystery" so I'm still caught in a swooning period.

Review by Tracy at North By East West

Early Winters In July? Justin Rutledge Style...

On Friday July 3rd the place to be was London Music Club. Justin Rutledge, with Special Guests Shawn Creamer - guitarist with the kick ass Toronto based The Beauties and UK singer/songwriter Carina Round entertained a full house with a show so full of stellar music and personal charm that you felt like you were at a house concert among friends and in on all the jokes.

Former Londoner Creamer performed his brand of straight ahead county tinged rock, joined on fiddle by longtime friend Paul Meadows. Though few in the crowd were familiar with The Beauties you can be sure that when The Beauties resume their Sunday night stints at Creamer's Dakota Tavern in a month's time, there'll be new faces in the crowd.

Carina Round's voice is quiet and lyrical with unexpected strength. Playing to the crowd, she said she felt much more welcome and comfortable in London ON than London UK. Most recently, Carina teamed with Justin on a song called 'Turn Around' featured on the CBS series Ghost Whisperer. Which apparently, no one in the crowd will admit to watching...

Headliner Justin Rutledge proves yet again why he's a darling of the Alt County scene in Canada. If you're looking for flash, ego or pretense - Rutledge ain't for you. If what you crave is quietly powerful, contemplative and expertly crafted music - he's your guy. Accompanied by longtime collaborator David Baxter, Rutledge played tunes from all three of his discs - including as he self deprecatingly pointed out his 'Juno losing' release Man Descending. Fan favourites seemed to be St. Peter, Lay me Down Sweet Jesus, Special and Greenwich Time. The Wire - a personal favourite of mine and a song which Rutledge says is his favourite song he's ever written, the crowd was attentive and appreciative.

Midway through the set, Rutledge had an announcement to make. During a stint in LA where he collaborated on new songs with Canadian ex-pat Dan Burns, he had met up with the aforementioned Carina Round. The result is the seeds of a new project - Early Winters.

Debuting the four songs they've recorded - Is This What You Had In Mind, Spanish Burn, What Kind of King and Turn Around; the players mesh extremely well with Carina playing the Melissa McClelland role to Justin's Luke Doucet. While it's doubtful you can get your hands on the handcrafted EP as only 100 were made - each with a charming spray painted snowflake cover to boot thanks to Dan Burns, you can head to myspace to check them out.

The World Premiere performance of Early Winters under his belt, Rutledge resumed his solo set and closed his encore with a rousing sing along of Don't be so Mean Jellybean.

September marks Justin's return to the studio to record his fourth album. With his track record of consistently dedicated musicianship, it's a welcome return indeed!