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15 July 2009

Birmingham, O2 Academy

Carina's first hometown (sort of) show in over a year.

For Everything A Reason
Do You
Thief In The Sky
How I See It
Into My Blood
Motel 74
Stolen Car
January Heart
Down Slow
Got To Go
Let It Fall

Carina Round - vocals and guitar


Video by Paul Ward

Review by Glenn Rossington at The Connection

Well last night was truely awesome! Just Carina and an acoustic guitar - I forget how unbelievable she is solo but last night was a new level.

Support came from Gemma Quarterman and Ben Drummond. Drummond was pretty good, got his girlfriend up on stage and serenaded her with a song lol. I was at both of those gigs you mentioned and he was good before, his last song in this set was him and a bass guitar, very interesting!

I forget Carina's setlist (She didn't have one) but opened with 'For Everything A Reason' The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop in the toilets i think. Her first words on stage were "It's very very very very very very very very nice to be home again". She started playing and stopped adding that she was 'Nervous", and admittedly she did look like a rabbit in headlights for a split second.

The gig as a whole was awesome. The forth song in, someone called out for 'Ribbons' and she just said 'ok' and played it. She had forgotten the words but the way she played it whilst remembering was so beautiful. The crowd were really supportive too.

She brought a new light to 'Backseat' by saying that she wrote it with Gary Go. And that the day they wrote it they went to see her Nan and i won;t go into personal details but before they left, she called Gary over and whisperd something to her and apparantly yhe words were "God told me it's forever". She said that just had to go into the song. By the end of the performance she was wiping away tears *god bless her*

Another highlight was she had a multipack bag of crisps on stage which was full of crisps and chocolate and she kept throwing them into the crowd!!! I got hit in the face by some crisps at one point - but all good!

There may have been a couple more - i recorded it but the quality is shocking had all he levels set wrongly which i am soooo annoyed about but hey. She was signing things after the gig but i had to go.

Merchandise was:
Things You Should Know £5
Disconnection £10
T-shirt £10
Tote Bag £10

I took some pictures also and at some point will review it properly!

Review by fandangogroovers

I went to see Carina Round last night as planed. It was at the Birmingham Academy, possibly the last time I go there before it is knocked down and they go to their new venue. The gig was great as usual; this is the third time I had seen her live.

She came out with an acoustic guitar (I have seen like this and with a band previously) did about three songs then someone from the audience shouted out “play Ribbons” (a track from her first album) and she just said “okay” and played it. After that she admitted she didn’t have a set list and asked people to call out if there is anything you want to hear. There was lots of interaction with the audience, telling a few stories and joking with the crowd. At the end I purchased a copy of her new EP with five new songs, she had played most of them throughout the set. This was my first opportunity to get the EP on CD as it has previously only been available to download, something I am not yet into. I must be one of the last people in the world not to have an Ipod! I then had a chance for a quick chat with her and got my CD signed. A really good night.