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21 July 2009

London, Pure Groove Records

This was an in-store performance.

For Everthing a Reason
Ready to Confess
Do You

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Whitehouse - guitar

Photo by Planet Music

Videos by Planet Music

Review by Planet Music

After seeing this instore listed on the calendar of events taking place at Puregroove Carina took my fancy. So I went onto her myspace and had a listen to the songs which were on there and I liked what I heard. Well the instore coincide with the physical release of the Things You Should Know EP. Well Carina hails from Wolverhampton and first released her debut album The First Blood Mystery in 2001. Since then Carina has had another two albums The Disconnection in 2003 and Slow Motion Addict in 2007.

Now the set was fairly short only 4 songs were played. But this gave me a taste of what Carina sounded like live. The first song of the afternoon was For Everything A Reason. Now this was taken off the new Things You Should Know EP. Carina is on her acoustic guitar for each of the songs. This is a slow song and Carina has such a beautiful strong voice. Well this song is really good and parts of this song are mellowing. Next was a old song taken from the 2007 album Slow Motion Addict. Ready To Confess is a song I really like. Carina delivers this song perfectly and it is a strong song as well. I like the actual melody of this song from when Carina is playing it on guitar. The final two songs came from the new EP Things You Should Know. The first being Do You. Before starting the song Carina plugs the EP and says the song has a swear word in and will try to edit it out. Well the song has a steady pace and from what’s being played on the guitar there is a beat to it. This is a good song and when Carina swears she moves away from the microphone. The final song in the afternoon being Backseat. Now this was amazing when the audience joins in with the chorus.

Review by Alex (1800watt) at The Connection

Just been to the instore at Pure Groove. I turned up halfway through Ready to Confess. Then Carina played Do You and Backseat.
I think she joked before hand that we could be the shittest ever audience at singing along to backseat, but I think we did alright seeing as there were only about 20 of us and it was lunchtime!