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21 July 2009

London, Monto Water Rats

This set featured the first appearance of the long-awaited
live performance of "On Leaving", a fan favorite and a song
not performed live for many years. In April 2009, she hinted
on her MySpace blog that it would be performed at the 13 May
Hotel Cafe show. It didn't appear and, at that show, in person,
I asked her about it. She said it would be played at the 3 June
Hotel Cafe show. It wasn't played. At the 15 July Birmingham
show, she teased the audience with the opening chords but
stopped and said, "Nah, I'm not playing that". Finally, here it is
and it was also played at the subsequent Water Rats show on
23 July. Reports indicate that it was a great performance.

For Everything A Reason
Do You
Thief In The Sky
Please Don't Stop
Take The Money
Into My Blood
On Leaving
(NOTE: This is an internet posted setlist.
The actual setlist featured below might indicate otherwise)

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Whitehouse - guitar
Steve Clarke - bass*
Stuart Baxter Wilkinson
- drums*
Johnny Mcdaid - vocal on "Please Don't Stop"
* From the band Rogue States


Photos by Andy Sheppard
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(thanks Alex)

Photos by Chris Quartly
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Videos by seekatube

Photos by Fintan Stack

Photos by disco_di

Review by Steve (musician) at The Connection

Two of us from sunny Tunbridge wells, my mate who has never heard Carina. I intentionally didn't lend him any tunes because I wanted to see if he will be mesmerised by her brilliance as I first was back in whenever (with Miles doing Foor to the floor)

Ever get the feeling you've been treated!

Brilliant night, my mate - the carina virgin one word to describe her FANTASTIC, just a shame run on late as we had to run to catch the tube and missed last song, what wicked support Anna Calvi can certainly play that guitar.

Thank you Carina.

Review by adamk7 at The Connection

Yep, brilliant -- utterly, utterly brilliant. Felt, in the hot, airless confines of the Water Rats, that I'd been swallowed whole, chewed up and spat out and was all the better for it. So euphoric that I bought a copy of the EP and, as Carina signed it for me, I even let her talk me into signing up for yet another bleedin' mailing list.

Loved the new stuff: I don't stream or download, so --- apart from the preview at the Borderline last year -- this has been the first real listen of some of it I've had.

Bitterly sorry I can't be there on Thursday, but I have an anniversary to honour and no idea how.

Best of luck.

Oh, and Anna Calvi was brilliant, too.

Review by Alex (1800watt) at The Connection

es, it was fantastic. Four out of the five of us who went last night are going again on Thursday (and we're seeing who else we can get along).

Getting to hear On Leaving being played was probably the highlight.

Dan Whitehouse was on guitar, and there was some discussion about the whether the other guitarist played with her at the borderline last year (he was wearing a vest which lead to the quote of the night 'I'm sure I've seen those biceps before') She did introduce them all, I just can't remember the names.

The guy who co-wrote Please don't stop joined her on stage to help sing it. Again, my memory fails me on the name.

She said On Leaving was a thank you to all the people who've stuck with her over the years.

Review by Chris Quartly at The Connection

I was on my own the whole night so even though the other supports acts ranged from naff to so-so at least the turnaround was relatively quick...

Anyway, I thought Carina's set was fantastic, it's a shame that there were a few technical difficulties and she didn't come out until almost 10:15 but we got a good mix of material and as ever Carina's voice was superb, that's what sets her apart from a lot of people. It's still all about her really and I'm not sure she needs a band but it was great to see the band format. I think Thief in the Sky is so much better live with all the layered vocals, the studio version is still good but doesn't quite have the same magic.

Soundwise the gig was good although I picked the wrong spot at the front, being right under the bassists amp, but overall it was well balanced apart from the sound problems.

I had a very brief chat with her after the show and she signed my CD (should have asked for a picture!) and told her I was one of her Gutter Twins converts, I always think of other things I want to say afterwards but that's how it always is. Would love to go on Thursday but it depends if I can get away from work early enough which I'm not sure I will. I was back home in Bicester at 1:15am. If I knew she'd be on earlier and play longer (she managed an hour) then I'd probably kill someone to be there, but it's a long way to go on your own and a lot of waiting around watching other bands even if that one great hour makes it worth it.

I also thought Anna Calvi was superb too, will have to keep track of them, much more appropriate support than the previous acts.

I took loads of photos and will post the best ones when I've filtered through them, it might take a few days.

Review by disco_di at Random Musical Reviews

The things you find in the backseat of your mind

Carina Round is a singer songwriter originally from Wolverhampton who now lives and works in LA (that must be a bit of a change...) and I came across her because Gary Go wrote a song with her for her recent EP. I've seen Gary perform Backseat a couple of times and it's such a beautiful song I thought it would be be good to see Carina's version live.

After a couple of good support acts - I particularly liked Reverso who are apparently predominantly from Ecuador (check them out here) - Carina came on stage with her band. Apparently they had only got together a few days before as her normal band were still over in the states but they came across as being pretty polished despite the problems with the set up and particularly Carina's mic. They also started stupidly behind schedule which made for a very late night for me but worth it.

I have to say that the music was a lot more rocky than I expected with quite a lot of shrieking but I did enjoy it, even though it wasn't my usual type of music. Carina herself looks like a porcelain doll - in fact a little bit like Sophie Ellis Bextor but with smaller eyes - but the noise that comes out of her lungs is pretty impressive. And Backseat was just lovely with some good audience participation: