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23 July 2009

London, Monto Water Rats

Do You
Lightbulb Song
Thief In The Sky (omitted)
For Everything A Reason
Take The Money
Into My Blood
On Leaving

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Whitehouse - guitar
Steve Clarke - bass*
Stuart Baxter Wilkinson
- drums*
From the band Rogue States


Photos by Andy Sheppard
(click the image)

Photos by Natalie Miller

Photo by Pav
(thanks Alex)

Review by manta_ray at The Connection

Just got back home (2 a.m.) from the gig. Worth every hour and penny spent in getting there! I don't think I'll be going to a better gig this year, with the possible exception of Pixies.

Carina ws on top form this evening, throwing all her energy and emotion into the songs like I've never seen her do before. She got so worked up in the crescendo of one song (I think it was Into My Blood, but I may be wrong), that she made a complete mess of her wonderful hair-do .

It was a different set list to Tuesday's, and in my opinion a better one. Backseat was sung without the aid of a microphone, with Carina standing right at the front of the stage - much more intimate.

Influenced by a call from the crowd, she attempted to play January Heart solo after Backseat, but couldn't remember the chords. By that time the rest of the band had walked off, leaving her to get on with it. I was in 2 minds about that: January Heart is one of my favourite songs, but if she did play it, I may well have had to leave to catch my train before she sung On Leaving . And On Leaving was my highlight of the evening, sung with such emotion in a song which is about 10 years old. And the first time I've seen it performed live.

Her band was excellent, especially considering the songs are all new to them. Dan Whitehouse was great on guitar, as was his own performance (I bought both his EPs on the strength of it). I also enjoyed Call Me Laura - good rock music with a stunningly beautiful singer. The other support dropped out at the sound check. What with two girls doing short sets early on, that would have made 5 supports. But God knows why the organisation wasn't better with regard to getting the bands on in time, seeing as Asaf Avidan & The Mojos had dropped out. Carina came on at about 10.15 instead of 10.00, due to Dan Whitehouse being late on. Made it a brisk trot back to King's Cross!

The only real downer is, though - I don't expect I'll be seeing Carina live again for quite some time.