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28 July 2009

Birmingham, The Jamhouse

This was was not a scheduled performance. It was the first
of a monthly night at The Jamhouse showcasing the best
talent from local arists, bands and some established artists.

For Everything A Reason
Down Slow
Do You
Take The Money

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Whitehouse - guitar
Steve Clarke - bass*
Stuart Baxter Wilkinson - percussion*
From the band Rogue States

Review by Russ L. at The Connection

It wasn't really an acoustic band in the end - Carina was singing (obviously) and playing acoustic guitars, but then Dan Whitehouse was on electric guitar and two guys that I think she said were from a band called Rogue States (I'll google in a minute, but I suspect this will be one of those times when everyone other than me is already aware of them) were on leccy bass and amplified percussion.

t was a relatively short set, given that time was dragging on by the time she took the stage.

Setlist is spot on, I videoed it all but had to leave just as she started playing "Take The Money".

She did actually acknowledge that she was on late and that she knew a lot of people would need to get public transport, which was a nice gesture. I am quite fed up with artists tending to be blase about that.

There was no violent confectionary-flinging this time, folk will be relieved to know.

Review by Glenn Rossington at The Connection

Was a truely awesome show, i just thought the Birmingham Show the other week had the edge. Was my first time at the JamHouse too! I brought a mate who came all the way from Taunton to see her and he left not liking her… VERY STRANGE!!! Still i thought she was awesome

Please don't leave it another 12 months before the next home show!
Oh and to see Carina and her Mom dancing to the support acts was very touching

Photos by Ben Drummond