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31 July 2009

Pelsall, Fingerpost Pub

This was not a scheduled show.

Down Slow
Hot Stuff
For Everything A Reason
Do You
Take The Money

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Dan Whitehouse - guitar
Steve Clarke - bass*
Stuart Baxter Wilkinson - percussion*
From the band Rogue States

Review by Glenn Rossington at The Connection

Great little pub in the back streets of walsall. People seating eating dinner as the bands played and about 20 people crowded round the one end of the bar to watch.

Dan Whitehouse and band were awesome, really really good.

Carina was on fire last night. From where we were stood just before her set, she was at the bar eating a pudding and drinking a coffee and glasses of water, but yet appeared nervous. Her set was approx 35 mins long and she used the same band as the JamHouse gig and the water rats gigs.

3rd song was the surprise of 'Hot Stuff' which none of the other guys knew, totally un-rehearsed but Dan Whitehouse's guitar playing was tremendous! For an on the spot cover, and no rehearsal it was brilliant.

Last song of the set was 'Backseat' which she managed to get all the diners still eating to sing along too.
As she left the stage, the band kicked into the opening riff of 'Take The Money' and she returned for an unplanned encore.

Managed to speak to Pamela after the gig (Hi!!!) and also got our cd's signed by the lady herself. Really good night and such a shame she's LA bound on Monday again

Short but entirely sweet