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5 November 2009

On Tour With Puscifer
Oakland, The Fox Theater

Set List:


Review by AJ at Oh, Oakland

What Is a Puscifer..?

Fucking Maynard. The genius leaks out of that guy like a snotty nose.

They consumed liquor the entire show. He came onto the the stage in a blond mullet with a tan-gray suit and some aviators. The first half they did all their songs with a country twang and took shots of Jack. There were overalls and wigs and skirts. Two people played cards corner stage the whole time. Between the songs was an ongoing skit, a documentary played out live and on film of two back-country white trash hicks, husband and wife, who thought they were really punk rock. Awesome. During one part, she left him so he asked for a spotlight so he could be depressing and laid on his back singing Trekka, which was fucking BadAss because that voice can do anything and never wavers. He is incredible.

The second half they drank wine. The guys playing cards changed to a picnic scene instead and they set a table in the middle of the stage just for the bottles. And he came back as Maynard. The wig came off and the black suit came on. Everyone dropped the costumes and silly characters and the sophisticated Puscifer came out to play. There was not another break between any of the songs that followed and thrashed the way Maynard promises just because it's him. This is what we were waiting for: deep bass and head-nodding beats. Mesmerizing. They had two screens set up that projected their faces in black-and-white when they stood behind them and the rest of the set was done like this. He screamed a little for us just cause he can - in that epic, talented earth-shattering voice - and he sang us lullabies from that soft deep spot in his freaking soul.

The Undertaker was gripping. Raw power enveloped the air itself. You're not sure if the beats are coming from someone kicking your chair behind you, the bass from the floor, or just from inside your body. Real. Momma Sed was the shining opener of the second set - entrancing, slow, the ONE I wanted to see him play and he wasted no time getting to it. Country Boner was in the middle and full of fucking all sorts of famous people like Elvis and The Judds.

Maynard. Genius spills from his pores: comedy, musical sight, creativity endless. The earth with his stamp on it is lucky to rock way harder and better than any version of this planet without such an offering. Amen Puscifer. But as a side-note, for such a genius you'd think he would know where he is, or at least that giving a San Francisco shout out to an Oakland crowd is not a great idea. Twice. Good thing his show was so damn good.