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6 March 2010

On Tour With Puscifer
Washington DC, Lincoln Center

Rev 22:20
Indigo Children
Drunk With Power
Momma Sed
Vagina Mine
The Undertaker
Polar Bear
Sour Grapes
Queen B
The Mission
The Humbling River

Review by Jen462 Our little adventure

Puscifer & DC (btw - the T-Rex at the Smithsonian is not as big as you would think)

So, I made sure to ask the doctor if it was okay to go see a concert this late in the game and she said it was fine. She did warn that I may have to deal with a baby that would let me know that the loud noises bothered him, but overall it was fine. Needless to say, I was super freaking happy to hear that! I have been eagerly anticipating this Puscifer show and was soooo happy to get to see it! But, let me start at the beginning of our day and just take you on our little trip to DC :)

So, we decided to go ahead and leave at like 7am on Friday so we could attempt to traverse through traffic and still get to DC in time to wander around and check stuff out. So after about 3 hours in the car we finally got to DC. Well, let me tell you...I don't think I could live in this city and own a car. Period. it took a second to get used to the street lights not crossing over the streets and the fact that the streets seemed to randomly fork out in all kinds of directions. It was a little confusing, but it was manageable. That still doesn't mean I liked it. :)

Well, we got to the hotel after circling the block (which, according to Micah, was mostly the fault of the British voice on Tom-Tom...he likes to blame her for it The Churchill hotel, like so many in the cities we tend to visit, was a historical one and apparently happened to have been an apartment building in a former life. Not necessarily interesting, but whatever. They let us check in early (that was nice) and then we get to our room. Now, I was looking forward to being potentially surprised by at least a decent sized tub to take a nice bath in....well, the bathroom was huge...because somehow we were in a handicapped room. It had two shower heads and a fold down seat (oh, and this was by far the COLDEST bathroom on earth!). Needless to say, again, I was a little sad but did enjoy a roomy shower with the hubby after the show (the belly cramps most showers, btw).

So, we drop our stuff off and wander around DC ---

I desperately wanted to see the allegedly ginormous T-Rex that has been made famous by the Night at the Museum movies. Plus, I think dinosaurs are cool and really liked them as a kid (yep, I'm a girl who liked dinos...weird, I know). So, we wander in a big square (unnecessarily) around the city trying to find the Smithsonian, which happens to be located in several buildings. Didn't know that. Well, we determine that the dinosaurs must be in the Museum of Natural history. And we're right - oh, and the Hope Diamond is in there, too. So, we go through security and I must say that it is impressive. There is no dinosaur in the front foyer like I expected so I looked at a map to try and strategize the building. We wandered around looking at some pretty cool fossils and I got excited about some day taking baby David here and showing him all these really cool things. I kept thinking about how this is such a great learning experience, but it's super cool to look at it so you don't even realize that you've accidentally learned something.

Ah, so we finally get to the dinosaur room. Which is randomly not far after the African room that didn't make sense because it wasn't really about natural history and seemed VERY out of place in this museum. I had a hard time trying to figure out what Nelson Mandela and African fashion had to do with protozoa, plankton, the giant squid, T-Rex's, monkeys, evolution, etc...It looked out of place, like they accidentally put it in this museum when it was supposed to go in another. It was neat, but made no sense. Anywho, so we get to the Hall of Dinosaurs...let me tell you, the movies make them look WAY bigger. Don't get me wrong, they are big and impressive but I expected something insanely huge and they were like elephant size or bigger...the big Whale in the front was bigger (or seemed to be). I looked around because I didn't think this could possibly be the whole exhibit, but it was. This made me rather ticked off at the movie Night at the Museum for pretty much lying to kids - these things are already impressive and the exaggeration is not necessary. All it does is build up kids to think that the Smithsonian looks one way (which it doesn't) and leads them to believe these things look differently and they will get a bit disappointed when they find them different. So, that's my finger wag for the

Other than that DC is pretty easy to get around. The metro is great - I love cities with rail systems because it makes life so much easier. I was surprised, however, that you could barely understand any of the conductors and there were no really easy signs to help you navigate. I kept thinking about my MIL (mother-in-law) and how she would be lost in the sub system for days if she were on her own. Boston has a far superior rail system in this regards. As does almost every European city I've been to (and that's actually a lot).

We decided to walk to the show since it was only a few blocks. This also lead me to believe I really had no desire to live here (but visiting is great, I promise) because of the parking and price of townhouses. We did realize that the route to the show was not well-lit and we would probably be taking a cab back to the hotel after the show.

We searched for a place to eat since it was about 6 pm and the doors were set to open at 7 pm with the show starting at 8 pm. We decide to eat at The Saloon, it is just a couple of doors down from the Lincoln. it was great! Great beer selection (wish I could have taken part) and the food was pretty darn good. The atmosphere was nice, too. No TVs and European seating. For those that don't know - in Europe if you are two people and you sit at a table with 4 chairs you could get some other people at your table with you over the course of the evening. Helps the bar/restaurant better utilize space and you may even make a new friend. I really like European seating - so it was nice to see it state-side.

We got done just before 7pm and walked out the bar and literally were in line for the show - worked out great. There was a funny drunk little 21 yr old who thought every thing was great. "Do you like Tool?" "You're G**-damn right, they're awesome!" - he said that a million times. I think he was like 4 when Micah went to his first Tool show - lol. Eventually the line began moving and then we made it to the search area (they don't allow cameras or flash devices, obviously). Well, since there were two lines and then each line had two guys to check the boys and one girl to check the girls...the girl line took forever. So, Micah got in before me. Well, while I was still in line the guys from Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival "protested" the show - said Tool and Puscifer sucked, one sign said "satan is a douchebag"...pretty funny stuff.

I won't go into all the details - but WOW! That show was insane. It was like a dream - Micah said a drug induce dream, but I beg to differ b/c I've had dreams like this before especially falling asleep to music. This was the first show involving Maynard James Keenan that the opening band actually didn't make me want to stab my ears with a knife - so that was an added bonus! The show also brought my old Maynard back to me. I love watching Maynard move to music at their shows - it's truly mesmerizing. Well, at the last Tool show it wasn't really him. I mean, obviously it was him - but he just didn't seem as into it. Well, he was back. You could tell that he was feeling everything - it was wonderful to see. Plus, I got to hear his singing voice - not just his regular band voice...his honest singing in wonderful melodic tune voice. I love it! The baby did, too.

Well, I'm sure you're wondering - "how did the baby react in utero?" Well, fine. I actually think he slept through most of that loud show. He reacted by doing twitchy ninja maneuvers whenever someone solely spoke into a megaphone - didn't seem to like that at all. Luckily, there was only a little bit of that. Oh, and if the songs had a stabilized lull and then suddenly got loud or something like that he would startle, but other than that - relatively easy experience. So, that was nice.