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21 March 2010

On Tour With Puscifer
Lorain, OH, Lorain Palace Theater

Sour Grapes
Rev 22:20
The Undertaker
Drunk With Power
Momma Sed
Indigo Children
Vagina Mine
Polar Bear
Queen B
The Mission
The Humbling River

Photos by Chazz Avery

Photo by Jeni Lemke

Photo by bttfly1

Review by Chazz Avery

This is probably the only Puscifer concert review to not focus on Maynard James Keenan and his projects. Certainly, he was driving this bus but this review is for Carina Round fans. The perspective is on her. There's nothing I can say about the overall presentation of a Puscifer concert that dozens of other reviewers haven't already said. Three different 'themes' are used for the shows. One has a religeous bent. Another presents the band as Vagina Airlines. Several shows are opened with a twisted country music presentation. Then continued with one of the previous two themes. This show was fully religeous. Sister Carina had her habit.

For those who don't know, Lorain, Ohio is just west of Cleveland. This was basically a Cleveland audience.
I was anxious to see this show but must admit that I would not have attended without Carina's participation in the band. That's not to say I don't like the music. In fact, this is super-cool stuff. Before the autumn 2009 tour,
I had heard the songs "Rev 22:20" and "The Mission" somewhere, liked them but had no clue who it was. Although I was very familiar with Tool's music, I had never heard of Maynard James Keenan before Carina's work with Puscifer. And, as far as I know, I've never heard A Perfect Circle. Finally, I don't know if I'll ever buy any Puscifer records but I'm certainly a new fan of the music.

That said, I was curious to determine exactly what Carina did and how much she was featured. I had seen the haphazardly shot audience videos and heard full recordings of shows but it was unclear how much included Carina. Of course, I knew she sang, played some acoustic guitar and I'd even seen a photo of her with a mandolin but I wasn't certain just how much she contributed. With the exception of the country music set, any female voice heard is Carina and she plays acoustic on three or four of the songs. At this show, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was included in every song except one.

That one song was "Rev 22:20". Now... she often sings the lead on that song but, just as often, Maynard sings the lead. Carina later told me Maynard decides who sings the song each night. Regretfully, this was the song I most wanted to hear her sing (she makes the song so much better) but for this night's performance, she was not featured in the song at all. The song was still good none the less and Carina later shined in her lead vocal on "The Mission".

This was a fantastic and entertaining show. If Carina ever does a third round with Puscifer, I recommend any of her fans to see it. Even if she isn't with them, it's still a recommended show. The only complaint I can really find is about the video monitors. This is a great effect and, because of the distorted faces, a bit disorienting in a good way. But, with the exception of the first part of "The Humbling River", ALL vocals were done behind the screens. Personally, I found this to make the show a bit static. I think occasional up-front singer similar to this would have added a bit of dynamics to the presentation. The sexual humor was a bit juvenile and I don't quite see how it fit with the presentation but it was funny as hell.

After the show, Carina spent some time at the merchandise table signing autographs and chatting. As I waited to chat, I heard several people say they wanted meet "the nun" and buy her CD. Bet she made some new fans this evening.

Carina's Facebook comment... "Cleveland... not so bad eh."

This video is basically usless