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5 August 2010

Los Angeles, The Hotel Cafe
This was a nice surprise of a full band performance and, apparently, a nice introduction of new songs.

Setlist: (incomplete)
Let It Fall
Into My Blood
I Would Die 4 U

One report says...
"she played mostly new unreleased stuff but also [those listed above]."

Carina Round - vocals and guitar
Simon Smith - bass
Sam Stewart - guitar and backing vocal
Scott Seiver(?) - drums
unknown? - keyboards and horns
Django Stewart - backing vocal
Claire Acey - backing vocal

Review by Ms. Lacuna

Having seen Carina live, I realize that she is one of the 21st century’s most underrated artists and her stage presence, demeanor and interaction with her fans is nothing short of fantastic. Her song choices were spectacularly picked out as well. She played mostly new songs (from maybe a forthcoming album?), and threw in the ever classic “Into My Blood” and “Let It Fall,” and did a wicked version of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 You.” On a couple of occasions I found myself tearing up. Yep. Yep thats right. Partly from finally getting to see her live and partly from the feelings that were being stirred inside of me. It was all because of the energy, I know it was.

Its the music. Its the music that does this. I’ve been to many shows, and many concerts too. I have never felt as connected to Carina as a fan, as I did at the show. I’ve never been to the Hotel Cafe. But, it seems it brings out noting but the best in artist and fan alike. The venue is rather small, but that feature makes for a more intimate setting. I was surprised that she was able to rock out on the stage, which was also quite compact. But, as small as the stage had looked, Carina had her drummer, trumpet/keyboard player, upright bassist, Samuel Stewart, Django Stewart and Claire Acey (from Nightmare & The Cat, who, I must add, are quite fantastic in their own right), and a rack of guitars all on the stage. Needless to say, she rocked the house and I really wanted her to do and encore, but there were other artists slated to play.

I tell you what, Carina is just as good live as she is on her albums. More so live, because you can really see her energy and personal stage “Isms.” The interaction is what I fed off of, and it was definite that she fed off of it too.

Photos by Billy Bennight

Photo by jAsian