A listing of Carina's live performances.
Featuring dates, setlists, reviews, photos and other notes.
Along with audio and video of live performances.

----- IMPORTANT NOTE -----
Currently, 2010-2012 are only accessible from this home page,
as well as each 'Year' page and all 2010-2012 'Date' pages.
ALL pages provide a link back to this home page.
I'm currently doing some reformatting. The rest of the pages will be forthcoming.

CarinaLive was originally the brainchild and effort of longtime Carina fan and friend, JCE. In late 2008, he discontinued the site and graciously sanctioned me to resurrect it and utilize any data I had saved from the original site.

Apparently and regretfully, the originalmaster .html files no longer exist. As a result, while I had already saved all the photos,
I've had to retrieve all other data from archive caches. Thus, I've needed to reassemble and reformat nearly the entire site. Initial estimations are that I've retrieved 90+% of the original site (all post-2008 is my presentation). I've maintained the original look and navigation designed by JCE but a few things are tweeked and modified. I'll be adding many additional pre-2009 photos and even some extra dates not found on the original site.

I will strive to maintain JCE's attention to detail. I ask for those of you who follow the site to please provide pertinent info and help it maintain its resource value. Those of you who have contibuted to the original site, will be given credit. There will likely be the instance or two where I have been unable to retrieve credit data. Please let me know if I've missed your name. I'll add it.

The original site's last update was November 2008. While I have ALL photos from the original site circa 2005-2008, I have been unable to retrieve any textual data other than the main 'year' pages for that timeframe. If you have reviews of any show during that period, PLEASE let me know. See a list of additional missing items below.

March 2009
(Revised July 2012)
Chazz Avery



July 2012
I have a major backlog of 2011-2012 stuff to update the site. This is all due to a flaw in the formatting design of the site.
This flaw has been corrected but will take me a while to propagate it throughout the site.
I'm starting with the new years of 2011-2012. Previous years will be attended to as time goes on.
For the previous years, please refer to the 'Important Notice' above for navigation tips.

Sep 2010
Finally added 2010 dates
Add videos to 27 Nov 2009

03 Feb 2010
Added a couple of photos to 06/10/01

20 Nov 2009
Sorry, I still haven't completed 2006-2008 but it WILL be done at some point in time
Began adding entries for Carina's stint with Puscifer Oct-Dec 2009

- as of 4 May 2009 -
Site is complete through 13 Jan 2006 + 2009

As mentioned above, I've had to rebuild this site using internet caches and archives as well as my own archive. I've used three primary sources: Google cache, Internet Archive Wayback Machine and all the performance photos are from my personal collection saved from the original CarinaLive site as well other photos not featured on the original CarinaLive.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine provided almost everything up to 2004 but it completely stops at that point. For 2005-2008, Google cache is the primary resource. However, it is much more fragmentary and scattered and, to add additional complication, there is much more info and photos to assemble and present for those years. I've found all the info for the single date in 2005. But the biggest problem for 2006-2008 is that MUCH of the info seems to be unretievable through Google. I have all the primary date listings for each year but many of the individual dates and review pages are incomplete or missing altogether.

Below is a listing of all the items that, to date, are missing. If anyone has saved these items from the original CarinaLive site (or their original sources), would you please contribute them to help restore this site to its original detail.



Most of the pages with "Review by JCE" do not have a link for the review.
The words "Review by JCE" are on the pages but they are not linked to anything.
I suspect different versions of the original site might have contained the links.

Need all handwritten setlists (except 25-26 Jan 2004)

10 July 1997
- flyer

13 October 1999
- ticket

17 May 2000
- flyer

29 July 2001
- review by JCE (see note above)

14 February 2002
- ticket

26 August 2002
- flyer

22 January 2004 Nottingham Rescue Rooms (pics page)
- I've found two different cache pages for this date
- one page has only spaces for three pics by "?"
- the other page has those same three spaces PLUS three spaces for pics by "Luke Miller"
Archive Page 2
- neither of the cached pics pages actually show the pics
- for this date, I have saved only three pics (original file names: 220104Nottinghampic3, 4 & 5)
- apparently I need pics 1, 2 & 6 (the ones by "?")

29 January 2004 London Lock 17 (Dingwalls)
Archive Page
- the page I've found has eight spaces for pics by Jason Gordon and one space for a pic by Steve Asenjo
- I'm missing Asenjo's pic

May 2004 Damian Dempsey UK Tour
- flyer

22 May 2004
- flyer

26 May 2004 Wolverhampton
Archive Page
- the archive page shows 13 pics by "?" and 10 pics by "Carsten Dieterich"
- I have 13 pics (+ 2 I found on the web) I presume these are the pics by ?
- I don't have the 10 pics by Carsten Dieterich
- missing written setlist

13 January 2006 Birmingham
- Review by Russ L.
- Review by Adam

Please watch this space for additional items that will be listed as I discover them missing.
As noted above, as I progress through 2006-2008, I suspect I will find that many items are missing.