These are Carina's official or sanctioned recordings or releases
Info on additional items that I've missed would be greatly appreciated.

carina round (early demos cassette)

01. You Say So So
02. Damn Your Eyes
03. Will You
04. Always Love

Someone posted this photo on Facebook with the caption...
"Dug this out while at my parents in Stoke last weekend...
Summer '97."

Early in her career, Carina gave (or sold?) cassettes of demos to friends and at her shows. This is likely one of those cassettes.
NOTE: it's unclear if any of these recordings are duplicated on the next two listings but there's a good chance they are.

carina (4-track demos cassette)

Side A
01 - Let It Fall
02 - The Waves
03 - Lightbulb Song
04 - On Leaving
05 - Ribbons

Side B
01 - Hypertrophy
02 - My Song
03 - Jam
04 - Like A Hurricane
05 - You Say So So

Carina posted: "This is the old cassette I am converting to digital tomorrow.... I think these are actually my 4 track demos... oooooooh..." See an enlarged image HERE

"the lost first album"

01 - Damn Your Eyes (recorded Jan 1998)
02 - Will You (recorded Jan 1998)
03 - Short Life (recorded Jan 1998)
04 - Always Love (recorded Jan 1998)
05 - You Say So So (recorded Jan 1998)
06 - The M Song (recorded Jan 1998)
07 - Little Secrets (recorded Jan 1998)
08 - Luna (recorded Jan 1999)
09 - High (recorded May 1999)
10 - You Say So So (A) (recorded Jan 1998)
11 - You Say So So (Dep) (recorded Jan 1998)
12 - Ribbons (recorded Jan 1999)
13 - On Leaving (recorded Jan 1999)
14 - Little Secrets (recorded May 99)
15 - Music For a Dead Child (no recording date)

Read further details HERE

The First Blood Mystery

01 - Message To Apollo
02 - Lightbulb Song
03 - How I See It
04 - The Waves
05 - Let It Fall
06 - Ribbons
07 - On Leaving

Read Carina's description HERE

The First Blood Mystery (Promo)

01 - Message To Apollo
02 - Lightbulb Song
03 - How I See It
04 - The Waves
05 - Let It Fall
06 - Ribbons
07 - On Leaving

I would suspect these are the exact tracks as on the commercial version.

Work In Progress

01 - Shoot
02 - Colour Of Wet Leaves
03 - Into My Blood
04 - Body Shaped Bruise
05 - Monument
06 - Hookah
07 - Lacuna
08 - Stood
09 - Music For A Dead Child
10 - Paris
11 - Sit Tight

Early Animal Noise CDR promo. These are early versions of most of
The Disconnection along with a couple of outtakes. See enlargement HERE

The Disconnection (UK version promo)

01 - Shoot
02 - Into My Blood
03 - Lacuna
04 - Paris
05 - Monument
06 - Motel 74
07 - Overcome
08 - Sit Tight
09 - Elegy

Surely this is the same mixes as the commercial version below

The Disconnection (UK version)

01 - Shoot
02 - Into My Blood
03 - Lacuna
04 - Paris
05 - Monument
06 - Motel 74
07 - Overcome
08 - Sit Tight
09 - Elegy

The Disconnection (US Advance CD)

01 - Shoot
02 - Into My Blood
03 - Lacuna
04 - Paris
05 - Monument
06 - Motel 74
07 - Overcome
08 - Sit Tight
09 - Elegy (alternate version)

I haven't heard this but would assume the only difference to the commercial US version below is the blue instead of yellow. See the back cover HERE and the disc HERE

The Disconnection (US Advance CD)

01 - Shoot
02 - Into My Blood
03 - Lacuna
04 - Paris
05 - Monument
06 - Motel 74
07 - Overcome
08 - Sit Tight
09 - Elegy (alternate version)

This appears to be simply a varient of the item above.

The Disconnection (US commercial version)

01 - Shoot
02 - Into My Blood
03 - Lacuna
04 - Paris
05 - Monument
06 - Motel 74
07 - Overcome
08 - Sit Tight
09 - Elegy (alternate version)

Into My Blood (EP) UK version CDR promo

01 - Into My Blood
02 - Hookah
03 - Body Shaped Bruise

Surely this is the same mixes as the commercial version below

Into My Blood (EP) UK version

01 - Into My Blood
02 - Hookah
03 - Body Shaped Bruise

Into My Blood (EP) US promo

01 - Into My Blood
02 - Hookah
03 - Lacuna (radio version)
04 - Elegy (live from The Hospital)
05 - Let It Fall (live from San Diego)

I haven't actually determined if this is a commercial release or a promo.
See the BACK COVER and the INSIDE

Lacuna (single track UK CDR promo)

01 - Lacuna

Not certain if what mix this contains. Don't know if it's the LP version
or the "radio version" with expletive verse edited out.
See a version with additional sticker HERE and its disc HERE

Lacuna EP

01 - Lacuna
02 - Motel 74 (live)
03 - Elegy (live)
04 - Shoot (live)
05 - Lacuna (live)
06 - Lacuna (video)

Into My Blood (VHS promo video)

Yeah, I know this isn't a disc but since it's an official item, I've opted to place it on this page. This is a promo release and not a retail item.
See an enlargement HERE.


01 - Like A Hurricane
02 - Monument
03 - Motel 74

This is clearly not a retail item and must be some sort of promo for airplay or internet use. Of the one copy I know of, the tracks appear in the opposite sequence
to what is listed on the insert. One report indicates that "Elegy" was also
recorded. Perhaps it simply didn't make it to the disc.
"Like A Hurricane" is a Neil Young cover.

See the disc HERE

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Come To You (from Slow Motion Addict)
02 -
Stolen Car (Alternate Electronic Version)
03 -
Slow Motion Addict (Remix by Tom Livemore)
04 -
Ready To Confess (Acoustic Version featuring Dave Stewart)
05 -
The Disconnection (Acoustic Version recorded live in space)

These were handmade by Carina and 200 copies were auctioned on eBay.
A very poor image of an alternate copy can be seen - HERE

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Gunshot
02 - Want More (alternate version)
03 - Gravity Lies (Pink Pussy Cat remix)
04 - How Many Times (acoustic version)
05 - Body Shaped Bruise

These were handmade by Carina and sold at her concerts. Each one has a different cover. The one pictured here is my personal copy picked out by Carina. I had grabbed a different one but she said, "This one's my favorite. Take this one". It's numbered 7 out of 20. The designs are paper cut-outs and stickers but the eyes are adhesive jewels. I got it Sep 12, 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio. "Gunshot" also appears
(almost unnoticably) in the film Alfie.

See larger images of front - back - disc - inside (personalized)
See an alternate cover (3 of 20) - Here


01 - Gravity Lies
02 - How Many Times
03 - Ready To Confess
04 - Down Slow

These tracks are the same as the retail album.
The cover photo was shot during the "Ready To Confess"
video shoot.
See the back cover HERE and disc HERE

Slow Motion Addict (Album Sampler)

01 - How Many Times
02 - Stolen Car
03 - Come To You
04 - January Heart
05 - Gravity Lies

These sound some what different to the comercial versions but it could be just the mix or mastering.
See the back cover HERE and disc HERE

Slow Motion Addict (Sampler)

01 - Come To You
02 - How Many Times
03 - Stolen Car
04 - Slow Motion Addict

These tracks are the same as the retail album.
See the back cover HERE

Slow Motion Addict (Advance Album)

01 - Stolen Car
02 - How Many Times
03 - Gravity Lies
04 - Ready To Confess
05 - Want More
06 - Take The Money
07 - Down Slow
08 - Come To You
09 - Slow Motion Addict
10 - January Heart
11 - The Disconnection
12 - The City

13 - Same Girlfriend
See what appears to be early prototype covers HERE and HERE
Read Carina's description HERE. See the back cover HERE.

Slow Motion Addict
00 - Same Girlfriend (see details in next entry)
01 - Stolen Car
02 - How Many Times
03 - Gravity Lies
04 - Ready To Confess
05 - Want More
06 - Take The Money
07 - Down Slow
08 - Come To You
09 - Slow Motion Addict
10 - January Heart
11 - The Disconnection
12 - The City

Come To You (single)

01 - Come To You
02 - Same Girlfriend

I cannot confirm the existance of this single. I've only read references to it.
However, I've heard from a reliable source that this single never existed.

"Same Girlfriend" can, in fact, be found as a 'hidden' track on some commercial and promo copies of Slow Motion Addict. If you let track 1 ("Stolen Car") begin then hit 'rewind' (NOT previous track), let the counter go to about negative 3:30-3:40, "Same Girlfriend" is before track 1. My commercial copy does not feature this option but I have a promo copy that does and reports are that some commercial copies do, indeed, feature the song. It's is a killer song. It's a shame it wasn't included as a regular track on Slow Motion Addict. Find it if you can!!!

Tease And Sting (promo)

01 - Ready To Confess (acoustic)
02 - Stolen Car (the electro-acoustic mix)
03 - Come To You (the electro-acoustic mix)

See the back cover HERE and the disc HERE.

Giant Step (digital DJ promo)

01 - January Heart (Buffalo Bill remix)
02 - Come To You (David Garcia Dance remix)
03 - Slow Motion Addict (Tom Livemore remix)
04 - Stolen Car (Dave Stewart & Ned Douglas remix)

These are all techno remixes. As far as I know, there were no 'hard copy' (factory pressed) CDs of this. It was available on the internet. The "January Heart" remix
was used in a Slow Motion Addict movie trailor.

Slow Motion Addict (promo DVD)

01 - Slow Motion Addict (trailer)
02 - Come To You (video)

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Gunshot
02 - Stolen Car (Electro/Acoustic)
03 - Ready To Confess (Acoustic)
04 - Come To You (Electro/Acoustic)
05 - The Disconnection (Acoustic)
06 - Elegy (US Album Version)
07 - Down Slow (Remix)
08 - How Many Times (Remix)
09 - Gravity Lies (Pink Pussycat Remix)
10 - Slow Motion Addict (Tom Livemore Remix)

These were sold at Carina's merchandise table January 2008 show at the Islington Academy in London. Tracks 2-4 are the same as the versions on the Tease & Sting EP listed above. Track 10 is same as on the Giant Step EP. Here are enlargements of the front cover and back cover.

untitled limited handmade CDR

exact tracks unknown

From a report...
She was selling two EPs at the January 2008 show at the Islington Academy in London, one in a green case and one in purple. Both were limited runs of 50, all numbered.
Unfortunately I only had enough cash on me to buy one so I went with the green one (above)... Can't remember exactly what was on the purple one, it definitely had the Giant Step remixes, "Hookah", "Body Shaped Bruise" and some live tracks on it - possibly the ones from the Lacuna EP?

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Ready To Confess (acoustic)
02 - Stolen Car (electro)
03 - Downslow (electro)
04 - Elegy (full band)
05 - Gunshot
06 - Peach Plum Pear (Joanna Newsom song)
07 - Slow Motion Addict (very cool remix)
08 - January Heart (Buffalo Bill remix)
09 - Let It Fall (live in San Diego)
10 - The Disconnection (acoustic)

These were sold at Carina's merchandise table during her August 2008
UK tour with The Gutter Twins. Numbered 1-100, the first 2 tracks
appear on a US Tease And Sting EP. Track 5 appeared on a previous
handmade CDR. Track 8 appeared on Giant Step and is also used in
a Slow Motion Addict movie trailor. Track 9 is surely the one on the
Into My Blood promo. Otherwise, I'm not sure about the other tracks.

Things You Should Know

01 - Backseat
02 - Please Don't Stop
03 - Thief In The Sky
04 - Do You
05 - For Everything A Reason

06 - Do You (Acoustic)*
07 - For Everything A Reason (Acoustic)*

To date, 'hard copy' (factory pressed) CDs were only available at Carina's shows.
*The last two tracks were only available on the pre-ordered digital (downloadable)
version of the EP. The hard copies had only five tracks.

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Do You (Acoustic)
02 - For Everything A Reason (Acoustic)
03 - Backseat (Remix)

At the time of this writing (Jul 09), I have not seen any reports about this disc.
These were offered as promotional items to fans who donated funds to Carina's future full-length release. I'm presuming tracks 1 & 2 are the same as those included in the initial downloads of Things You Should Know (noted above) and track 3 is probably what is known as 'Flash In The Pan Remix'.

The First Blood Mystery 10 (vinyl reissue)

Side A
01 - Message To Apollo
02 - Lightbulb Song
03 - How I See It
04 - The Waves

Side B
01 - Let It Fall
02 - Ribbons
03 - On Leaving

Digital Download Bonus
01 - Waves (10th Anniversary Version)
02 - Ribbons (10th Anniversary Version)
03 - Light Bulb Song (4 track version)

Read further details HERE

untitled limited handmade CDR

01 - Do You (Acoustic)
02 - For Everything A Reason (Acoustic)

This disc is a bit of a mystery. It was a bonus prize for someone who won a hardcopy of Things You Should Know and might be a one-of-a-kind item. The tracks included are presumed to be the same as the original bonus downloads that accompanied the original Things You Should Know EP.

"The Last Time" (45)

Side A - The Last Time
Side B - Girl and The Ghost (Puscifer Remix)

Two song from Carina's upcoming album. "Girl And The Ghost" is a longer version and mix than appears on the album. A promo video was also released at the same time.

The back cover, disc and inserts can be seen HERE.

Tigermending (Due May 1, 2012)

01 - Pick Up The Phone
02 - The Last Time
03 - Girl And The Ghost
04 - You And Me
05 - Set Fire
06 - You Will Be Loved
07 - Marcel Marcel / The Arrangement
08 - Weird Dream
09 - Simplicity Hurts
10 - The Secret Of Drowning
11 - Mother's Pride

Preorder digital bonus:
12 - Got To Go (Billy Corgan 2000 BC Mix)

------------ Early Winters ------------
Early Winters is a side project band featuring Carina, Justin Rutledge, Zac Rea and Dan Burns. Along with Simon Smith and Scott Seiver.

Early Winters (handmade CDR)

01 - Is This What You Had In Mind
02 - Spanish Burn
03 - What Kind Of King
04 - Turn Around

100 of these handmade CDRs were made (image is #8) and sold at Carina
and Early Winters shows in 2009.

See an alternate copy HERE. Although listed on the sticker, "Paperboat Aeroplane" does not appear on the disc.

Early Winters (45rpm vinyl)

Side A
Tough Love

Side B
Light Of Day

The first actual hard-copy release by the band.
See further details HERE

Early Winters (EP)

01 - Tough Love
02 - Light Of Day
03 - One Time In Your Life
04 - Spanish Burn
05 - Turn Around

See the back cover HERE and the disc HERE. "Turn Around" has been available as a digital download from various sources since 2008.
Early Winters (LP)

01 - Tough Love
02 - What Kind of King
03 - One Time In Your Life
04 - Heaven Help Us
05 - Spanish Burn
06 - Paperboat Aeroplane
07 - Is This What You Had In Mind
08 - Count Me In
09 - People And Places
10 - Light Of Day
11 - Only Goodbye
12 - The Sweater

------------ Puscifer ------------
Puscifer is a side project, referred to as 'a musical collective' led by Maynard James Keenan who is known best as the frontman for the
bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. In 2009, Carina was recruited to sing backing vocal on some songs, began touring with the band in
the autumn of that year and appears to now be a permenant part of the fold. In addition to the items listed below, Carina is featured
prominently in several of the live songs previously sung by Juliette Commagere as well as the Milla Jovovich's vocal part on "The Mission"
and frequently sang lead vocal on "Rev. 22:20"
. No proper recordings of these performances have surfaced.

Puscifer - Conditions Of My Parole

01 - Tiny Monsters
02 - Green Valley
03 - Monsoons
04 - Telling Ghosts
05 - Horizons 3:29
06 - Man Overboard
07 - Toma
08 - The Rapture (Fear Is a Mind Killa Mix)
09 - Conditions of My Parole
10 - The Weaver
12 - Tumbleweed

Carina is so well featured on this album that it's practically 'The Maynard and Carina Show'
. She is more of a second lead vocalist as opposed to simple backing and does sing lead vocal on track 12. She even receives writing credit on several songs. This is a must for Carina fans! Track 11 is not listed above because it's the only track she does not appear on.

Puscifer - "Man Overboard" promo

Man Overboard
(Carina sings back up)

This is most likely the same version that appears on Conditions Of My Parole

Puscifer -
"C" is for(Please Insert Sophomoric Genetalia Reference HERE) E.P.

04 - Vagina Mine
(Carina sings back up)
06 - The Humbling River (Carina sings back up)

------------ Duets and Guest Appearances ------------

Gary Go - Now Was Once The Future


Carina sings backing vocal.

Twighlight Singers - Dynamite Steps

Carina sings backing vocal but I have not been able to determine which songs.

Nadirah X - Ink

06 - Good Day

Carina sings backing vocal.

Justin Rutledge - The Early Widows

06 - Turn Around

This appears to be the same track as the Early Winters track listed above.

T.J. Doyle - One True Thing

03 - The Earth Is Crying

Carina sings backing vocals. This is also offered as a free download on Doyle's site for Earthday 2010.

Sierra Swan - Girl Who Cried Wolf

03 - Who Am I
06 - The Truth Is...
09 - In My Room

Carina sings background vocals.
Note that, on "in My Room", it's credited as 'vocal stylings'.

Dan Whitehouse - The Box EP

02 - Where Is The Love?
(Carina sings back up and harmony)

Miles Hunt - MP3 Of The Month Club

15 - Four To The Floor (duet with Carina)

Miles and Carina re-recorded one of Miles' tracks intended for his debut album.
'Four To The Floor' was originally a monologue from Miles to a former girlfriend. Miles' girlfriend of the time knew Carina and suggested to her that she write some answer verses to Miles' originals from a woman's perspective. After hearing her new lyrics, Miles and Carina went into the recording studio with Martin Bell to record the new version. The re-recording was not completed in time for the release of his first album and although it was later briefly made available on an album by Gig Records. The tracks for this album were originally only available as downloads to subscribers to Miles' MP3 Of The Month Club during the twelve months of 2000. From January 2001, the album is now only available direct from Gig Records. "Four To The Floor" was withdrawn from the release in August 2000. If you can track this down, it is a must-have for Carina fans.

Black Light Burns - Cruel Melody

05 - Cruel Melody (features Carina)

There is an explicit lyrics version and a cleaner version of this song. Band leader Wes Boreland comments, "Getting Carina Round involved on that one really sealed the deal. The lyrics are very personal for me, but bringing Carina in as the representative of the female involved in that situation couldn't have been more of a knockout. It was incredible to have her involved, and she's such an alien when she sings (laughs). At the end of the song, she took the lyrics and said she wanted to sound kind of like a Sea Siren. I just went, "Go for it." It was a pretty dramatic record throughout, but Carina just ruled it, and I'm forever in her debt."

Nizlopi - Half These Songs Are About You

04 - Faith (features Carina)

Katastrophy Wife "Blue Valient" (single)

01 - Blue Valient (features Carina)

Apparently a remix of this song also exists. I've also read there is a very rare mix which features more of Carina. The song is also featured on track 4 of the Katastrophy Wife album All Kneel.

------------ Compilations------------

Valentine's Day: Original Score

15 - Everytime You Smilled

This was was not featured on the released 'soundtrack' album but was made available only on a digital release called 'original score'. Carina reconnects with Slow Motion Addict producer Glen Ballard on this lovely but heavily orchestrated tune.

Songs To Ride Bikes To... And Other Happy Things

16 - Touch The Sky

This is a infectous and fun little Carina tune that is unavailable elsewhere.

Zync: Fall Collection 09


Presumably, the is the standard version or, perhaps, the "Flash In The Pan" remix.
See the disc HERE

Give, Listen, Help

Features "January Heart (Buffalo Bill Remix)"

This is a benefit compilation released by Filter Magazine and Urban Outfitters.

Ladyfest UK 2003

07 - Monument

Reportedly, this is an alternate studio version.

CMJ New Music Sampler (Issue 121)

Into My Blood

I haven't heard this but would be certain it's the standard version.

The Green Owl Comp:
a benefit for the energyaction coalition

Disc 2 02 - Hookah

I haven't heard this release but a reliable source indicates this is an unique version and/or mix of the song. It is different than the Into My Blood single and EP or the Works In Progress version. See the back cover HERE

Sweet Sounds

Features "Come To You"

I haven't heard this but suspect it's the Slow Motion Addict version.

Dollhouse: Original Television Soundtrack

Features "For Everything A Reason"

This is the same as the version on Things You Should Know. I haven't been able to definitively determine if this is a digital download or actual hard-copy CDs.




The First Blood Mystery
The Disconnection
Slow Motion Addict
Working versions of all three albums exist among collectors
but I don't have specific details.

This is an alternate version that was offered in 2010 when you signed up for Carina's mailing list.
It is different than the Into My Blood single and EP or the Works In Progress version
and might be the same as the version found on the Green Owl comp listed above.

Chikinki remix - I don't know the purpose of this mix

Ready To Confess
Slow Motion Addict

Glenwood Electro Session - electronic versions
The two electro versions on the Tease and Sting promo originate from this session
In fact, these might be the versions that appear on the eBay 'handmade' CDR listed above.
I have not heard that disc.

Tony And Di (or Toni And Di)
Apparently, in August 2007, Carina provided vocals to this song by The Oohlas.
The song was featured on The Oohlas' home and MySpace pages.
As far as I can determine, this recording has not surfaced on disc. Details HERE.

Things You Should Know Sessions
For Everything A Reason
This was originally credited as "with Heroes And Villians" -
two slightly different mixes appeared on MySpace in early 2008
demo appeared on her MySpace in early 2008
Thief In The Sky
demo appeared on her MySpace in early 2008
Do You
demo appeared on MySpace mid 2008
Backseat (Flash In The Pan remix)
This appeared all over the internet in May 2009 as promotion for the EP.
It is probably what also appeared on the 'funds donation' promo CDR.

Late 2009 - 2011 Sessions
unknown Smashing Pumpkins song
In 2009, Carina provided some vocals to an unreleased Smashing Pumpkins project.
To date, no recordings have surfaced. Some details HERE.
Pick Up The Phone
unknown title
I have not determined the unknown title and it might, in fact, refer to one of the other songs listed in this section.
In July, Carina posted online two rehearsal performances of "Pick Up The Phone". One is plagued with distortiion.
Giggle And Pop
Carina wrote this nursery rhyme for artist Gary Baseman's performance piece, An Afternoon with The Chou Chous and The Tar Pit Girls
at The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. A demo version and what surely is a proper studio version of the song appeared
in summer 2010. both songs accompanied videos of the event. No proper release is evident (at the event, Carina sang live acapella).
Personally, I think this is a great, timeless song and clearly demonstrates the scope of Carina's song writing talent.
I can see children singing this song for ages
"Maybe We Can Have Some Fun"
This lovely song is apparently the result of an impromptu writing and reording session by Carina, Gary Go, Dan Burns and Zac Rae late in
the summer of 2010. Carina posted the recording online the next day.
Various Session Bits
Throughout 2010, Carina posted online a variety of video clips from her current studio sessions
The videos contained bits of the following songs...
"Girl And The Ghost" - bass overdub
"Pick Up The Phone" - mixing
"Got To Go" - 3 mixing segments
"You And Me" - mixing
"Pick Up The Phone" - two segments
"Mother's Pride" - extended segment
"unknown title" - Carina posted a video of her miming to a playback mix of this song

Early Winters 2009-2011
Paper Boat Aeroplane (demo)
Paper Boat Aeroplane (early mix)
People And Places (early mix)
It's Only Goodbye
Moving Out
We Are A Canyon

Puscifer 2009-2012
Rev 22:20
While not appearing at all on the original studio version, Carina often sings lead on this song when performed live.
The arrangements have changed slightly over the years. There are several performances circulating.
Hopefully, Maynard comes to his senses and releases a proper recordomg with Carina singing.



Music Choice
12 Jan 2004
Three unknown acoustic songs

Radio 1
4 March 2004

Details unknown

Wrexham FM - Shaken Not Stirred
March 2004

(Details here)
unknown third song

AOL - Music
Come To You
Down Slow
Ready To Confess
Stolen Car
The Disconnection

Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
July 21, 2007
(I cannot definitively confirm the details of this appearance)
Stolen Car
Down Slow
January Heart

KCRW - New Ground
July 21, 2007
How Many Times
Come To You
Down Slow
Like A Hurricane

Mancow's Morning Madhouse
Sep 7, 2007
Down Slow

ASCAP Playback Pop Cast
Oct 2007
Down Slow
Come To You - The Interface
Nov? 2007
Stolen Car
Down Slow
Ready To Confess
Come To You

BBC/Bristol - Morning Glory with Andy Howard
Apr 26(?), 2008
Down Slow
Do You
Simplicity Hurts
Hot Stuff

Scott Ford Radio
2 October 2008
Interview but actually general chat
Finish The Beatles' Lyrics game
Rock Band Anagrams game
(this is LONG - about 100 minutes - and Carina sings some phrases from some Beatles' songs)

KCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
26 May 2009
For Everything A Reason (take 1)
Down Slow
Do You (omits the "swear word")
The Wind (Cat Stevens cover)
band intro
For Everything A Reason (take 2)*
After a pause, Carina was handed a piece of paper and began to
read a station ID but the video feed cut just as she was going to speak.
I have not been able to locate the station ID but it must exist.

The entire performance was 50 minutes.
The audio-only archive version on the KCRW website is only 37 minutes long and seems to be slightly remixed.
"Shoot" and the second take of "For Everything A Reason" do not appear.
However, once the video version was posted, it was just over 41 minutes
and featured "Shoot" along with take 2 of "For Everything A reason" in place of take 1.
I haven't compared the audio of the archived video to that of the original webcast.

*It seems that the original audio stream (and on-air broadcast) was cut after "Backseat".
However, the video webstream continued for another 10+ minutes.
See a few further details on Official Video page.

The Drop
3 June 2009
Backseat (Flash In The Pan Remix)
Apparently, this interview was recorded at The Hotel Cafe.

Belladonna Radio
10 August 2009
Apparently, no songs were performed.

Dark Matter With Dave Navarro
24 December 2009
Into My Blood
unknown song
I don't know the complete contents of this appearance.
The unknown song is with Dave playing guitar and Carina singing.
An off-line video of "Into My Blood" can be seen HERE

Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith
Pick Up The Phone
You And Me
Got To Go
Girl And The Ghost
Spanish Burn
Simplicity Hurts
Basically, a great set of newer material