Official and Pro-Shot

Underlined titles are linked.
NOTE: the term "official", above, indicates promos and any other Carina sanctioned video.

First Blood Mystery EPK
includes some footage of a Barfly gig

Circa 2000 - Soul Music (ITV)

20 February 2001 - London Camden Monarch
Damn Your Eyes
Lightbulb Song
Let It Fall
Apparently, this was webcast and, presumably, would be a soundboard recording.
I have not seen or heard it.

How I See It
This is a great solo acoustic performance

Disconnection EPK
Features a nice interview with Carina

Into My Blood
This is a live in-the-studio performance

This is a live in-the-studio performance

Let It Fall
A great live performance at The San Diego Epicenter 8 May 2004.
I have no indications exactly how much of this show was filmed.

Slow Motion Addict advert

Slow Motion Addict Trailer

Slow Motion Addict Remixed Trailer
Features a remix of "January Heart"

Slow Motion Addict Trailer "Come To You"
This seems to simply be a re-edit of most of the scenes from the Slow Motion Addict trailers

Slow Motion Addict Episode 1 - "January Heart"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 2 - "Slow Motion Addict"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 3 - "Come To You"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 4 - "How Many Times"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 5 - "Down Slow"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 6 - "Want More"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 7 - "Stolen Car"

Slow Motion Addict Episode 8 - "Take The Money"

I have not been able to locate episodes 9-12 (if they exist).
If anyone knows, please direct me there.

unknown title animated film
I have no clue what this is. Found it listed on the internet.
Apparently, something circa Slow Motion Addict era
The page said "coming soon" but it hasn't been posted.

Mike Bruce Demo Reel
Features unique images of Carina but none of her music.
I have no idea about the purpose of this film.

31 July 2007 - Los Angeles, Key Club
hese videos feature pro-shot clips with
what would appear to be audience recorded audio.
There is no indication of how much of this show was recorded.
"Take The Money"

Music.Com promo
This simply features quick excerpts from the performance of "Take The Money" listed above.

Music.Com promo
Features alternate excerpts from the performance.

Come To You (Live)
This was shot 16 March 2006 at Dirty Dog's Bar in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Billboard Showcase.
It shot with multi camera and features soundboard audio. I have no indications exactly how much of this show was filmed.
The video at the link states a different venue. It is wrong!

Come To You
This features audience-recorded audio with additional footage and is clearly some sort of official presentation.
I don't have a specific date for this but the live footage certainly looks like 20 October 2006
at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles. See this pic

Down Slow

Take The Money

Ready To Confess
I love this video. Too bad it's so short. Is there a full version?

Stolen Car (Electro-Acoustic Version)
This doesn't use the regular album version of "Stolen Car".
It features the version found on the Tease And Sting promo.

Stolen Car (Video Effects Breakdown)
This is a silent 30 second presentation revealing how the 'green screen'
was used to produce the video.

January Heart 1

January Heart 2

Filter Magazine's Revenge Of The Sunset Strip Interview
Also features various pro-shot clips of Carina live at The Roxy On Sunset 19 July 2007.
I have no indications exactly how much of this show was filmed.

August 2007
Perils Of A Sound Man

Apparently, this is an outtake from a Sethfilms "ill-fated" documentary about Carina

9 September 2007 - Chicago - Martyrs
This is a great multi-camera pro-shot video with soundboard audio (mono) of the complete performance.
January Heart
How Many Times
Gravity Lies
Down Slow
Come To You
Motel 74
Slow Motion Addict
Ready To Confess
Take The Money

San Diego Street Scene Interview
27 September 2007
Also features audience shot clips of that day's performance .
("Slow Motion Addict", "How Many Times" and other excerpts)

21 November 2007 - New York City - The Living Room
This is a low-budget (two camera with audience recorded audio) video obviously done in some official capacity.
Noted too, is that an audience member can be seen making a video of this performance.
Come To You (rehearsal)
Gunshot (rehearsal)
How I See It
Stolen Car
Ready To Confess
Come To You
Thief In The Sky
Let It Fall

November 2007 - The Interface
See details under "Rare Studio Recordings"

March-April 2008
Carina Round In Fragments
A nice lengthy informal portrait of Carina through interviews, candid video and live segments.
The live clips come from 5 April 2006.

Summer 2008
New York City - Zoo Magazine photo shoot

July 2008
"nam nam nam"
Carina posted this odd video on YouTube of dinner with friends at an unknown location.

25 August 2008
Birmingham - Kurts House

Do You
A great impromptu performance at Carina's friend's home

Late 2008
Los Angeles

Paper Boat Backing Vocals
This is Justine Rutledge, Dan Burns and Zac Rae recording backing vocals to Carina's recording.
Carins's recording is not heard and Carina is not seen.

November 2008
God Told Me
("Backseat" choir session)
This is a dubbing session for the song's choir

December 2008
Backseat Mixer
("Backseat" editing session)
Editing the choir in the studio.

December 2008
When We Were Young
Carina watching a Smashing Pumpkins video apparently in the studio

December 2008
Another Angle
Carina is the passenger in a car driven by Seth Dalton (Sethfilms) driving around Los Angleles
Carina is holding the camera and is not seen (but is heard) in the video

December 2008
Backseat Praecox
("Backseat" early edit)
This is an early edit featuring much of what is seen in the final version
It features an additional scenes of Carina singing ( such as the image below).
It does not feature the 'field & group' scene.
Instead, a man and woman are seen playing with sparklers
which I believe was just something to fill the space.

February 2009

February 2009
Los Angeles

Simplicity Hurts
A simple impromptu performance in the house on a rainy day.

February 2009
Los Angeles

Rehearsing with Sierra Swan
Carina and Sierra rehearsing at Sierra's home for their upcoming gigs together.
Shot by Kristin Burns. It would be nice to see all of this.


The Truth Is

4 March 2009?
Los Angeles?

Unknown Title
I have no clue what this video is about or its purpose. I discovered some stills posted by an internet user
with the name of "l'olliepop" who, I believe, is Olivia Stone of the band, The Oohlas.
The caption read,
"stills of carina and me....i don't know what this video is gonna be ... but at least she is in it!!"

26 May 2009
KCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
For Everything A Reason (take 1)
Down Slow
Do You
(omits the "swear word")
The Wind
(Cat Stevens cover)
band intro
For Everything A Reason (take 2)*
*It seems that the original audio stream (and on-air broadcast) was cut after "Backseat".
However, the video webstream continued for another 10+ minutes.
After a pause, Carina was handed a piece of paper and began to
read a station ID but the video feed cut just as she was going to speak.
I have not been able to locate the station ID.
I have not been able to locate the station ID but it must exist.

The entire performance was 50 minutes.
The audio-only archive version on the KCRW website is only 37 minutes long and seems to be slightly remixed.
"Shoot" and the second take of "For Everything A Reason" do not appear.
However, once the video version was posted, it was just over 41 minutes
and featured "Shoot" along with take 2 of "For Everything A reason" in place of take 1.
I haven't compared the audio of the archived video to that of the original webcast.

2 June 2009
Los Angeles?

Barak Interviews Carina Pt. 1
This video appeared on YouTube VERY briefly in early June 2009
Carina says, "I wanted to put some kind of videos up on the web as a viral thing or, you know when
people put a record out, they put little videos out saying, 'this is who I am, this is what I do' and they're often
so boring. I just thought Barak is so funny and his questions are so hideous and unrelated to music that it would
be way more interesting to have him asking me stupid questions. Hopefully, he comes up with something.
As soon as the camera was turned on, I completely lost my vocabulary and brain. Hopefully, it will be interesting."
Barak says, "Filming funny videos later today with Carina Round!
(Really just an excuse to try to convince her to marry me for several hours.)"
Can we presume, since this was labeled "Pt. 1", that there are other parts?

19 June 2009
Los Angeles - location unknown
January Heart Way Unplugged
Apparently, Carina's leaving Los Angeles party. This is Carina and friends
(who seem to be Tom Livemore, Dan Burns and others) jamming a very
rough version of "January Heart". I would presume other songs were videoed.

24 December 2009
Los Angeles
A simple and brief Christmas greeting posted on YouTube.
Merry Christmas

24 December 2009
Dark Matter With Dave Navarro
Los Angeles
The audio is an off-line recording of the webcast performance.
One might presume the full appearance was videoed.
Into My Blood

25 December 2009
Los Angeles
A lovely impromptu home video of Carina performing the Bing Crosby classic.
White Christmas