the first blood mystery 10

carina wrote:
"i will be re-releasing my first album for its 10th anniversary on ltd edition vinyl with additional tracks, updated AND new artwork,
a songbook, t-shirts, and any other wonders that come out of my head or yours before the release."

"i’m really happy about my decision to only put the original record on the vinyl and have the additional 3 tracks on the digital
download cards only (as well as the original record). as the record came to an end i thought to myself how the whole experience
would be ruined if there were 3 other tracks/versions tagged on the end. i have to say my heart swelled and a little tear came to
my eye wheni was listening. it's always been a dream of mine to have my records on vinyl and the fact that this happened with
the help of the fans (and not an evil record company… just kidding. well…) made it all the more moving, so… thank you. *sniff"

"after listening to the cassette of demos i decided that the 3rd digital download track, after the acoustic/alternative recordings
of the waves’ and ‘ribbons’ (which are totally different btw but cool…) would be the original 4 track demo of ‘lightbulb song’
that i did in my bedroom when i was 18. it's scratchy and it's messy but it has a certain charm.. (kinda like the album itself huh ?)."
and its from cassette… which makes it even more awesome.

carina's test pressing
the first ever vinyl copy of the first blood mystery