"the lost first album"

Carina had thought most of these recording to be lost in time. However, in March 2011 while preparing for the
tenth anniversary release of The First Blood Mystery, she received the following email...

I'll also include the files off a CD I made up that I labeled "the lost first album" in case you don't have them. Tracks are:

1. Damn Your Eyes (recorded Jan 1998)
2. Will You (recorded Jan 1998)
3. Short Life (recorded Jan 1998)
4. Always Love (recorded Jan 1998)
5. You Say So So (recorded Jan 1998)
6. The M Song (recorded Jan 1998)
7. Little Secrets (recorded Jan 1998)
8. Luna (recorded Jan 1999)
9. High (recorded May 1999)
10. You Say So So (A) (recorded Jan 1998)
11. You Say So So (Dep) (recorded Jan 1998)
12. Ribbons (recorded Jan 1999)
13. On Leaving (recorded Jan 1999)
14. Little Secrets (recorded May 99)
15. Music For a Dead Child (no recording date)

Not sure if the versions of Ribbons and On Leaving are different to the FBM CD release or the unauthorized release. I have a note
that gives some recording dates and I've put them in the brackets above.

This is a CD I like listening to cause it's a lot of your very early stuff. A beautiful version of "Will You". Some great stuff on there that
never really saw the light of day as most fans most fans heard some of these tracks. BTW "The M Song" is lovely and could be reworked?
Great piano parts.

Again, no idea where it all came from. I suspect some were from that cassette that you distributed a long time ago before FBM came out.
I just assembled them all in one place.

Do you have these tracks?


The following are Carina's subsequent posts about the recordings...

30 March 2011

I lost a lot of my old masters (not going to get into how) of songs that i recorded even before First Blood Mystery and was very
sad that i would never have those songs again (or even hear them maybe). They were the first songs I EVER wrote and recorded
after all.

I just got the most amazing email from and old friend saying that they have recordings of these songs.

Can you believe it!!??? Some of this stuff was recorded on my 8 track at home in my bedroom!! barely even remembered some of them…
bought back FLOODS of memories…

I would LOVE to give away some of these songs to pledgers with the re-release of First Blood Mystery (please be understanding…
i was VERY YOUNG!! HAHAHA)… maybe even a vinyl only release for a couple of them…

IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Today was a good day.


Love and kisses

Carina xxx


29 April 2011

1st post of early recordings. 'Luna' (Jan 99) and blog.

Ok, so I received a DVD (titled the lost first album…ha!) with 15 recordings of my very first songs from 1998 and 1999.
As i was listening through them I was very much taken on that proverbial ‘Roller Coaster’ of emotions. From sadness, to affection
to anger to embarrassment, annoyance, love, realization, remorse, happiness etc etc… i have to say on the whole NOT an easy listen…

Anyway, there were two or three songs that I thought it might be nice to show you. On listening to them the prevailing feeling, through
all of the sucker punches of dredged up something or other, was that this was very clearly an 18/19 year old trying to find her voice.
This alone is what made me feel OK about posting them.

I tried to remember back to the feeling of the time. I remember distinctly what the lyrics mean, but the actual feeling I had as a human.
Taking the first steps toward becoming who i really was.

I remembered feeling closer to the finish line than i actually was…but don’t we all? I also remember the belief and passion I had in
myself as an artist. Albeit quite secretly. Truth be said I had already given up quite a few things to follow my path as a musician.

This song itself ‘Luna’ I remember feeling like was the first good song I had written. On listening now though, it is clearly just ripped off
one of my favorite singer/songwriters of the time ‘Katell Keineg’.

As it was around the time that i was totally obsessed with my absent heritage it also includes an embarrassing attempt at singing in Italian.
The grammar of which is non existent as i totally just lifted the words i wanted from an English/Italian dictionary. HA!!

I have no idea where this was recorded. Maybe Magic Garden Studios with Gavin Monaghan or Maybe DEP studios in Birmingham.

As regards musicians, I think it is:
Simon Smith – Double Bass
Ryann Snow – Drums
Martin Riley – Organ

All in all a good start I think… and very endearing.

More soon,
and Thank You.
Carina xx


12 May 2011

2nd early demo "High (May 99)"

I believe this has Ryann Snow on drums, Simon Smith on stand up bass, Jo Hamilton on Viola (??) Martin Riley on Organ and
the name of the guitar player escapes me.

I remember how much I loved singing this song. People would tease because nothing repeats… but hey. So many options why
only choose 1 or 2 :)

Its interesting how i was using my voice in so many different ways at every opportunity. I was really into de-tuning my guitar as much
as possible too and never writing anything down… which is why i cant remember the chords to , for instance, ‘The Waves’.

“I am high”

Love and more love…
Carina xx


16 May 2011

Little Secrets Demo (May 99)

Here it is… The 3rd of my early demos.

Robert plant and Tori Amos eat a pizza whilst watching porn.
Or something.

I love when Martins organ comes in on the first chorus. I imagine if i recording of this now it would be really dark and brooding… and fun!

When i did this live i would always do a bit of ‘Oh Rosie’ at the end by Zep… as a nod to the influence.

This is about my best friend at school fucking all of my friends. I believe i was about 16 or so when i wrote it. I love the rawness and simplicity.

Again, sounds like Ryann on drums. Definitely Simon on bass. No idea who is on guitar… Phil Barlow maybe ? Anyone ?

‘all your little secrets
lay it down let ’em all out
i’ll never see it your way
how’d you like to tell me
what the hell you’ve been doin’ girl’


never say never.



Further more, for her PledgeMusic campaign, Carina was selling (for $200 !!!) a CDR containing
five (presumably additional) songs from this set. At the time of this writing, it's unclear if any were
actually sold or what songs were featured.

In addition, "Luna" has circulated among fans for years. It was made available when Carina gave a friend a cassette copy.

Carina circa 1998