Photo by Kristin Burns

--- Updates notices I WILL post ---
Additions to the Mediagrophy but by catagory only
Additions of larger galleries and, perhaps, a few significant individual photos
Additions to the Media page
Additional interview links on the links page
New Carina websites links

--- Updates notices I WILL NOT post ---
Specific additions to the 'Mediaography' unless VERY significant or several additions.
The single one or two odd or general photograph
Updates to the 'CarinaLive' section (it has its own updates page) unless large updates
Performance Schedules (just go to that page)


September 9, 2010
Updated the Official Audio mediagraphy
Updated CarinaLive to current date (added 2010)

November 20, 2009
Added to CarinaLive, details of Carina's stint with Puscifer in Oct-Dec 2009

August 1, 2009
Updated several items in the Mediaography
Updated info on the Things You Should Know tour at CarinaLive

May 2009
Originally, when I launched this site, I opted not to include an updates page but I've grown to see the need for one.
Update notices, likely, will not be a regular thing. Probably about once a month.

20 June 2009
Added several new photos to Kristin Burns' gallery

16 June 2009
Added a new 'Pro Shot' photo set
Changed layout of 'Pro Shot' galleries

June 2009
Did a general overhaul to the look of the site
Added several 'In The Studio' photo gallery pages
Added several new unofficial video listings of Carina's May-June 2009 Hotel Cafe residency
Overhauled the 'Media' page adding links to a batch of full-length Carina videos and stuff
Added some new interview links
For those of you who don't know or haven't come across it, this site now includes CarinaLive. Find it in the 'Links' page.