The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group
Early 1957
(probably) Wilson Hall
Speke Rd.
Garston, Liverpool
Photographer: unknown (maybe Leslie Kearney?)

These are probably the earliest "performance" photos of any of The Beatles.

I'm making three assumptions here -
1. These photos pre-date the 23 May 1957 photo seen in the next section
because Ringo looks a bit younger here.
2. This is Wilson Hall based on the rectanular designs on the wall.
3. That the photo to the right is the same date.
At this time, I cannot verify any of these theories.

See an article about this band by Bill Harry - here

The personnel in this line-up is different to that seen in the next section.
There appears to be an additional member and other members seem to
be on different instruments. Can anyone clarify this?

See the next section for a list of the five member line-up.

Both of these photos are so poor that it couldn't decided which to use or how to composite them. So both are featured.
See a composite of both photos made and contributed by Ed Igoe - here