The Quarry Men
Mid 1958
Wedding reception at Paul's Auntie Jin's Home
Dinah's Lane
Photographer: Mike McCartney

Little info is available for this famous and fabulous color photo.
According to one of Mike McCartney's books, it was taken at Auntie Gin's son Ian's wedding.

Paul states that he met John and George around the same time (mid 1957) but George first saw The Quarry Men on 6 February 1958 during a Quarry Men performance at Wilson Hall in Garston. Based on Colin Hanton's recollection,
it seems likely that he might not have met John until 13 March 1958 at a
Quarry Men performance at The Morgue Skiffle Cellar in Liverpool.

Interestingly, The Morgue Cellar was owned by Alan Caldwell who would become Liverpool's "Mr. Showmanship" (Rory Storm). Ringo would join Caldwell's band, The Raving Texans (the future "Hurricanes"), and make his first appearance with them on 25 March 1959 at The Mardi Gras in Mount Pleasant.


George, John, Paul and...Dennis. Don't know who Dennis is.
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A contemporary photo of Auntie Jin's Home.