The Quarry Men
29 August 1959 - Saturday
The Casbah Club
8 Heyman's Green
West Derby, Liverpool
Photographer: David Hughs

Opening night of Mona Best's (Pete's mother) new club in the basement of her home. Although Pete Best would not join the band for another year, it was here, at this club, where he met The Quarry Men.

These photos were taken in what was called "The Rainbow Room"
because of the multi-colored ceiling which was painted by Paul.


The girl to the left, who appears to be in an eye lock with Paul,
is the future Mrs. John Lennon, Cynthia Powell.
Photo used by permission © Sam Leach

From left to right:
George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ken Brown, John Lennon.

Mark Lewisohn dates this photo as September 1959. The band played The Casbah on 5, 12, 19 and 26 September 1959. Roag Best dates this photo as 29 August and it might be noted that Paul and John are wearing the same shirts as in the first photo.

Ken Brown
(circa late 1950s - early 1960s)
I have not been able to determine the precise date of these photos. He might or might not have been a member of The Quary Men.
I have featured the photos in order to give a better representation of Ken.

A contemporary photo of the Rainbow Room.

The Casbah Club room lay-out.