The Beatals
circa April 1960
The McCartney Home
20 Forthlin Road
Liverpool, England

In January 1960, still drummerless, the band persuaded John's friend
Stuart Sutcliffe to join the band as bassist. Stu couldn't play but as
George puts it, "... it was better to have a bass player who couldn't
play than to not have a bass player at all".


Paul McCartney Speaking To Mark Lewisohn
November 3, 1994, London

Sometimes I´d borrow a tape recorder, a Grundig with a little green eye and we'd sort of go round to my house and tried to record little things such as...
I remember "Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So", cause I had the Eddie Cochran record.
But those were very much home demos, very bad quality. I think a couple of those still exists.


The McCartney Home

Currently, I am not offering these songs for download
(I will at some future time).
However, they can be found...

Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3
"Come On People"
"I Don't Need No Cigarette Boy"
"Well, Darling"
"I Don't Know"

A contemporary photo of the living room.

In addition to John, Paul and George, Stuart Sutcliffe is playing bass
and the occasional percussion (reportedly on a guitar case) is alleged
to be Mike McCartney.

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It has been reported that some of these recordings were done in the McCartney home bathroom. While this seems like an odd location, here's a contemporary photo.